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Searching a meaning to the Marc Lepine mania, analysts considered more closely the origins of ancient legends and their function as a way to seek a deeper meaning for the momentarily unexplainable. The events of December 1989 might contain all the necessary elements to build such a legend: "Polytechnique" as a brutal unexplained massacre, Marc as an "iconic shooter", the holy mission mentioned by the murderer himself, and the introduction of a spiritual dimension and the phenomenon of the killer saint. Sometimes, nothing more is needed to create a legend that lasts.

Lavishly illustrated, a "must read" and a "must see". Interesting theories and parallels with the Boondock saints


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HAPPY ST. MARC'S DAY or as Bob Allen saw it in December 06, 2007

Happy St. Marc's Day or as Bob Allen saw it in December 06, 2007
(for details see the Bob Allen blog at

December 6 is now celebrated around the world in English speaking countries as the International Marc Lepine Day. Bob begins by pointing out that almost every week some distraught suicidal young man takes a rifle and shoots people at schools or in shopping malls. And these horrible events are used by the media as reasons to hate men and further the feminist agenda, and broaden the powers of the blue gun thug Gestapo. The truth is that young men are emotionally distraught and driven to desperation by a feminazi society.

Men are driven to suicide by the feminazi hate machine. From early years in school young boys are taught that they are bad, stupid, and meaningless just because they are boys. Girls on the other hand, get all the privileges and attention. Boys are called stupid, potential rapists, bullies, and worthless drudges before they get to second grade. They usually have no father at home to give them a positive model for a young man. Fathers have been driven out by feminist mothers that teach the boys that they are hated by females. Single mothers abuse boys with neglect and beatings that far surpass in numbers ordinary child abuse. The violent young man has probably been abused all his life. Feminist mothers constantly teach their children that their father was bad, “abusive” and evil. Millions of boys suffer from Parental Alienation Syndrome because they have been taught to hate their fathers, and by extension: to hate themselves.

At school boys are treated like second class citizens. When Marc Lepine tried to enroll in a technical school he learned that feminists got preference in admission and financial support. Females don't even belong in technical schools. They will never have the mental capacity, the imagination, and the will to return the cost of their education to society. Females occupy chairs that ought to go to men who will contribute to society. But feminist dogma pretends that females are just men with cunts, and gives them preference over real men. As a young man Marc was denied and rejected, then as you well know, Canada had since become a completely feminist dominated country. He accurately assessed that most of his life long problems were the fruits of an evil misandrist system gone completely mad. Out of desperation and despair Marc began to fight back against the feminist army that had ruined his life and denied him the opportunity to become a productive member of an adult society. He went to the technical college and stood up against the war on men as he began firing...

Feminists argue that the women killed on December 6 by Marc Lepine were just innocent females. Nonsense. Each of them was a foot soldier in the feminist war on men. Each of them was pretending to be a man, taking a man's space in a limited number of technical school enrollments. None of them were working toward a decent life as a wife and mother. All of them were practicing the hate and destruction of feminism. Marc Lepine didn't just shoot everyone at the technical school. He carefully selected only feminists and gave the others time to get out of the way. Feminists are afraid of being targeted by men of courage, but the day of reckoning is coming. They try to hide and pretend that Marc Lepine was “attacking women” but he was specifically targeting only feminists.

Some argue that the feminists killed by Marc Lepine were not leaders of the movement and should not have been killed. There is some merit in that argument but in all modern wars the generals are never the front line troops. They watch from the hilltops as legions of foot soldiers fight their battles. In order get to the feminist leaders hiding behind their desk, scores of foot soldiers had to be eliminated first. That's what Marc did, he confronted the front line feminist troops and died before he had the chance to reach those hiding in their government offices. Feminist foot soldiers, by the way, were just as guilty as the rest, they cannot be excused just because they followed orders and carried out this misandrist war on men.

The thought that a MAN could stand up and fight the onslaught instead of quietly being driven to suicide as so many men were, this fact is very frightening news to feminists. They have used December 6 as a banner day since, a yearly hate mongering festival that their propaganda disguised as an appeal to stop the violence against women. They never talk about ending their violent destructive war on men and boys though. They deny any responsibility of feminism as the underlying cause of suicide, violence and destruction in Canada and elsewhere. We read news reports about families being wiped out, all members killed by one of their own, of hundreds of men driven to quiet suicide deaths, but it is rarely mentioned that all of this was caused by feminazis and their detestable ideology. Just counting the millions of babies killed by feminists, the suicides and family dramas, speaking of holocaust and war crimes in that context might not be exaggerated at all. The real death toll of feminism might be staggering, if only we are willing to look closely enough.

It is very important for MEN beginning a long struggle against the evil destruction of feminism to celebrate the International Marc Lepine Day. When an evil person accuses a men of “advocating rape,” or “supporting abuse”, “violence against women,” etc., the weak response is to cower before the accusation and deny any such intentions. The weak response is to point to “those bad men over there” and cower in a corner. That denial affirms feminist power and domination over men, affirms her right to decide when men are bad, while relegating men to a place of powerless acceptance. The POWERFUL REPLY is to own her criticism and respond with “You better believe it!” The response of power denies her dominating place to rule over men, it rejects her authority to tell men what to think and feel, and it tells her that MEN won't accept feminazi domination. By reacting with power we don't accept their hate, judgment, and condemnation, and it lets them know that we may strike back at them if they don't stop their misandry.

That is why it is so important to celebrate the International Marc Lepine Day. We must throw their “Violence Against Women” hate speech right back at them, and tell them that men won't be cowered by their hate. We MEN won't accept females telling us what to think and feel. We won't accept their hate dogma telling us that all men are bad. Yes, the shooting and violence in schools and shopping malls is bad, but its underlying cause is feminism and its destruction of boys and young men. Until the real cause of violence is confronted, feminism will continue to cause more shooting and unnecessary violence and death. We can help reduce the violence by confronting feminism and ending it. Cowering and accepting feminist dogmas will only encourage more violence. Only by standing up to the hateful bitches will we stop this war and the misandry. So, make your votes count, elect representatives that will further your cause and not feminist lackeys. So, write a letter to his Congresscunt if you have to, let them know that you won't play no more, let them know of what we are celebrating here today. The day ONE MAN SAID NO MORE.

Happy St. Marc's Day

MARC LEPINE'S HOME PAGE http://sky.prohosting.com/gisogod/DECEMBER%206th.html

The extensive Lepine Gallery at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/frustrated_men/photos/album/804737486/pic/list

INTERNATIONAL MARC LÉPINE DAY as Bob Allen saw it in December 06, 2006

International Marc Lépine Day as Bob Allen saw it in December 06, 2006
(for details see the Bob Allen blog at http://bobstruth.blogspot.com/)

Bob Allen reminds us that Mr. Lépine was a young Canadian who had been discriminated against and denied entrance to the "École Polytechnique" (an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal) because preference was given to females under very sexist anti-men programs. Instead of quietly retiring as a wuss might have done, Lépine took bold personal action, loaded his weapon, and made a frontal assault against feminists who were the front line troops in this war on men. When the shooting stopped 15 feminists lay dead (27 in all had been shot, not counting Lepine). At his request the men quickly separated from the feminists, so as to give him a free field of fire. Eventually the blue gun thug feminist Gestapo caught up with Lépine and executed him. They allege that he shot himself, but we know the truth.

Canadian feminists generally deny that Lépine's counter attack, his mission, was just that: a counter attack in a violent century long war on men. The Canadian feminazi use these events as a propaganda piece to claim "general violence against women". The feminazi propaganda machine, just as any historian on the victorious side would do, calls the death of these women "murder," which is just another lie. These 15 were casualties of war, a war declared by the other side decades earlier. All major religions approve of killing in a just war.

The truth is that the lives of a million men are destroyed every year in western nations, their children stolen and abused, their dreams shattered. A million men are chained by the feminized army of gun thugs in blue uniforms and sent to die in some hell hole concentration camps. In Lepine, we celebrate a small victory, a counter attack, the first shots consciously fired against this huge feminazi machine. We should dedicate a few moments of silence to remember millions of children and men who have suffered and died in this hateful war on men and boys. May they rest in peace. It is evident that their suffering will not go unnoticed anymore, as the guiding light of courageous Marc Lépine shines now everywhere.

According to Bob, the International Marc Lépine Day is now celebrated by men of courage in English speaking countries around the globe, Canada, the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. Today is a day for activists everywhere to hoist a glass and remember a courageous hero who died fighting the feminazi onslaught. Here is to Mr. Marc Lépine.

The very disturbing MARC LEPINE HOME PAGE at

The extensive Lepine Gallery

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The film about Marc Lepine

It is finally out, and you can read the summary on Wikipedia. The film about Marc Lepine is in theaters since the end of March.

Here is an extract of one of the critiques:

"It is the true life story of a real life event so horrific and burned so deeply into the Canadian psyche that... The event? Long before Columbine, in December of 1989, a lone gunman walked into the L'Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal with the goal of killing as many women as possible. He killed fifteen. Villeneuve's film recounts the events of that day from the perspectives of two of the women caught in the fire and while it shows all signs of handling the material with respect this is such an incredibly hot topic for Canadians that... emotions are sure to run high and protests seem likely."

Go to Wikipedia and hit "Polytechnique".
For comments and rating go to

The critique continues:

"Before what happened in Columbine, there was this night of December 6th, 1989. Students were either studying, having a good time or just talking to each other in the cafeteria. In between, a troubled and rejected young man enters the Polytechnique institution in Montreal in search of killing some "feminists", somewhat responsible for his ruined life...

Shot in black and white, the effect is troubling. All we are left with is a lot of questioning starting with this single word: Why ? Good acting, good photography and a story which is moving, A movie to see, either in French or English (not dubbed...)

Go watch the movie... Warning to sensitive persons. Its a Hell Ride!!!

This film is a must see. Brutal and raw, it breaks a real story into a few basic elements and lets the events speak for themselves. It depicts the events of 1989 with such realism that the viewer feels as being part of the drama, a witness to the violence. Filmed in black and white, similar in a way to Gus Van Sant's Elephant, few words are needed for the director to properly convey the range of emotions taking place. Shots of beauty contrasted with the ugliness of the shooting make sure that one walks out shocked and completely disoriented of the full packed theater. A gut wrenching experience."

In "Polytechnique", the director provides a bit of a back-story. We learn that a disturbed misogynist with a semi-automatic rifle walks into Montréal's École Polytechnique, on a winter day in 1989, picks a classroom, tells the males and females to divide up, and opens fire on the women. He continues his rampage in the school, until he finally commits suicide.

The film in black and white makes things more depressing, along with shots of snow falling. The killer is shown thinking and preparing. His presence is especially tensed, a great performance of Maxim Gaudette. The other main characters: two female students living together, and a male friend of theirs, who wants to help the victims instead of fleeing, are not sufficiently developed, but the narrated suicide letter explains much. The film doesn't have much dialogue, but it doesn't really matter. "Polytechnique" is tragic and memorable. It does not exploit the tragedy, but shows it respectfully and is dedicated to those who lost their lives that day.

Lepine left behind a rambling three page letter railing against feminists who had turned society against him and ruined his life and everything good that had been created by man. The magnitude of the tragedy runs deep in Montreal's collective psyche, and it is into this minefield that the film Polytechnique dares to enter, stirring strong emotions from the public and critics alike for recounting an event whose wounds are still open for the victims' families and survivors.

Director Denis Villeneuve provides the film with a suffocating foreboding, as death seems to hang everywhere on that day while the snow gently falls. Rather than dwell on Lepine, he shifts the focus to two fictional students: Valérie (Karine Vanasse) and Jean-François (Sébastien Huberdeau), bringing the perspective of their separate genders to the story.

Villeneuve avoids dwelling too much on death, and sometimes shifts the film's emphasis to life: the story of those two sudents helps him do that. But he still grapples with the tragedy head on. This isn't a sensationalist ode to a mass murderer, but rather a memorial to the victims, which you don't see much often in a movie; which makes watching Polytechnique well worth it as an act of remembrance.

Please run see this film!

Overdue and reasonably balanced, it will hit you, perhaps not like a ton of bricks, but you will certainly see the world differently! Polytechnique may suck you in and make you, not a voyeur of a violent spectacle, but perhaps rather more the helpless witness of your own rape. The script may be deemed brilliant, and the editing masterful, but whatever the case it will certainly take you on a journey to the edge of the abyss.

These events really happened, and what the film makes us realize is that you can survive hell and live to be a strong and happy soul. One of the message suggested coud be that you can refuse to surrender to the horrors that surround you, and go beyond life's contradictions to a better future. Despite apprehensions and some earlier negative comments, this film seems to be first and foremost about hope.


Most folk heroes started out as criminals, so they say. In 1989, it was clear to most people what Marc Lepine was: a criminal and a mass murderer. Twenty years later, it has changed: it is far from clear now. The simple fact that his name has not been forgotten and that his visibility, dare we say popularity, has increased, says a lot not only about the man but about the general public and its perceptions, secret aspirations, even fantasies and phantasms.

This blog dedicated to the Marc Lepine PHENOMENON, then there is no doubt in my mind that we are not merely dealing with a deceased person here that enjoyed a brief moment of notoriety after his death. It has become a phenomenon, perhaps not a major one, but still... How can we say that?

1- He was a criminal with a mission, just like the Unabomber. He had a cause and got his manifesto published. And he got followers now, admirers.

2- The criminal became almost a hero: one major motion picture released in February 2009, a few television documentaries, and at least a dozen books published on the subject, plus hundreds of thousands of reference on him on the internet. And after 20 years, he is more widely known than he was at the time of his death in 1989.

3- The criminal who becomes a saint and got his date now on the calender: he is a symbol of hatred for the feminists and a hero for masculists. Some consider the date of December 6th a holiday: St-Marc's Day, others celebrate the International Marc Lepine Day. Some even compare him to Myamoto Musashi: the Kensei: the Swordsaint.

4- There is an international trend now, and a very American trait at that, that tends to glorify some criminals and some form of criminality: they become folk heroes. Witness the TV series about Dexter: "the serial killer with a heart" and with a mission. Marc Lepine can be compared to the Boondock Saints who kill for the right reason. The public is fascinated with those criminals with a heart and a mission; some are even asking: are they criminals at all?

5- Until now four categories of people were interested in Marc Lepine: extreme feminists who needed a scapegoat to further demonize men, real women concerned with this violence and trying to understand the cause of it all and what makes such mass murderers tick, mangina men and bleading heart liberals who were horrified by the deeds, criminalists striving to understand the motivations and possible repercussion for the future and...

...and what is most disturbing to them all, hardcore masculists who now hail Lepine as a hero!

I'd say we got ample material here for a blog on "Marc Lepine: the phenomenon".