Friday, April 10, 2009


Most folk heroes started out as criminals, so they say. In 1989, it was clear to most people what Marc Lepine was: a criminal and a mass murderer. Twenty years later, it has changed: it is far from clear now. The simple fact that his name has not been forgotten and that his visibility, dare we say popularity, has increased, says a lot not only about the man but about the general public and its perceptions, secret aspirations, even fantasies and phantasms.

This blog dedicated to the Marc Lepine PHENOMENON, then there is no doubt in my mind that we are not merely dealing with a deceased person here that enjoyed a brief moment of notoriety after his death. It has become a phenomenon, perhaps not a major one, but still... How can we say that?

1- He was a criminal with a mission, just like the Unabomber. He had a cause and got his manifesto published. And he got followers now, admirers.

2- The criminal became almost a hero: one major motion picture released in February 2009, a few television documentaries, and at least a dozen books published on the subject, plus hundreds of thousands of reference on him on the internet. And after 20 years, he is more widely known than he was at the time of his death in 1989.

3- The criminal who becomes a saint and got his date now on the calender: he is a symbol of hatred for the feminists and a hero for masculists. Some consider the date of December 6th a holiday: St-Marc's Day, others celebrate the International Marc Lepine Day. Some even compare him to Myamoto Musashi: the Kensei: the Swordsaint.

4- There is an international trend now, and a very American trait at that, that tends to glorify some criminals and some form of criminality: they become folk heroes. Witness the TV series about Dexter: "the serial killer with a heart" and with a mission. Marc Lepine can be compared to the Boondock Saints who kill for the right reason. The public is fascinated with those criminals with a heart and a mission; some are even asking: are they criminals at all?

5- Until now four categories of people were interested in Marc Lepine: extreme feminists who needed a scapegoat to further demonize men, real women concerned with this violence and trying to understand the cause of it all and what makes such mass murderers tick, mangina men and bleading heart liberals who were horrified by the deeds, criminalists striving to understand the motivations and possible repercussion for the future and...

...and what is most disturbing to them all, hardcore masculists who now hail Lepine as a hero!

I'd say we got ample material here for a blog on "Marc Lepine: the phenomenon".


  1. Marc Lepine is definitely a masculist hero.

  2. Undoubtedly a hero. This is the future. No matter how hard feminist hide behind Women's rights. This is the future. U will see one Marc Lepine at every corner waiting with guns to kill women.
    Year after year of atrocities leaves people totally void of any kind of reasoning. Feminism is not about women it about hating men and making them suffer. Every feminist infected nation is suffering.
    This soceity will fall and women will lose all their so called rights. MARC LEPINES ARE COMING!!!