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INTERNATIONAL MARC LÉPINE DAY as Bob Allen saw it in December 06, 2006

International Marc Lépine Day as Bob Allen saw it in December 06, 2006
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Bob Allen reminds us that Mr. Lépine was a young Canadian who had been discriminated against and denied entrance to the "École Polytechnique" (an engineering school affiliated with the Université de Montréal) because preference was given to females under very sexist anti-men programs. Instead of quietly retiring as a wuss might have done, Lépine took bold personal action, loaded his weapon, and made a frontal assault against feminists who were the front line troops in this war on men. When the shooting stopped 15 feminists lay dead (27 in all had been shot, not counting Lepine). At his request the men quickly separated from the feminists, so as to give him a free field of fire. Eventually the blue gun thug feminist Gestapo caught up with Lépine and executed him. They allege that he shot himself, but we know the truth.

Canadian feminists generally deny that Lépine's counter attack, his mission, was just that: a counter attack in a violent century long war on men. The Canadian feminazi use these events as a propaganda piece to claim "general violence against women". The feminazi propaganda machine, just as any historian on the victorious side would do, calls the death of these women "murder," which is just another lie. These 15 were casualties of war, a war declared by the other side decades earlier. All major religions approve of killing in a just war.

The truth is that the lives of a million men are destroyed every year in western nations, their children stolen and abused, their dreams shattered. A million men are chained by the feminized army of gun thugs in blue uniforms and sent to die in some hell hole concentration camps. In Lepine, we celebrate a small victory, a counter attack, the first shots consciously fired against this huge feminazi machine. We should dedicate a few moments of silence to remember millions of children and men who have suffered and died in this hateful war on men and boys. May they rest in peace. It is evident that their suffering will not go unnoticed anymore, as the guiding light of courageous Marc Lépine shines now everywhere.

According to Bob, the International Marc Lépine Day is now celebrated by men of courage in English speaking countries around the globe, Canada, the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere. Today is a day for activists everywhere to hoist a glass and remember a courageous hero who died fighting the feminazi onslaught. Here is to Mr. Marc Lépine.

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