Monday, May 11, 2009

Marc Lepine wanted to rehabilitate men

Peter Zohrab
Acting President of the New Zealand Equality Education Foundation

A feminist, Micheline Carrier arouses feelings of shock at the thought that anyone would even consider rehabilitating Marc Lepine. She shows therefore signs of practising the same oppression that led Marc Lepine to his desperate act: censorship. Zohrab finds in feminists a desire to control information -- which they can can do, because the media are so full of them. Obviously, the rights, wishes and demands of men and fathers should remain buried under the day-to-day censorship of the feminist media !

Zohrab says that Marc Lepine wanted to rehabilitate men. He wanted the media to free themselves -- however slightly -- from their preoccupation with "equality for women", in order to concentrate somewhat on the "equality for men", but he failed. A great article by Peter Zohrab that you will find at:

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