Monday, May 11, 2009

Media Censors: Extremist Protest Against Media Censorship or as Peter Zohrab saw it

The Men's Movement has reacted defensively to the actions of mass-murderer Marc Lepine according to Zohrab - concentrating on pointing out that most men are not like him. This is a reaction to the Feminist propaganda which called Lepine a misogynist - a woman-hater. Zohrab contends that Lepine was not a misogynist, but a Men's Rights activist (although an extremist one), who was protesting about media censorship. And the way the media censored the facts surrounding his actions retrospectively justifies his claim and protest !

In his suicide note, it is clear that he is against Feminists -- not against all women. He clearly states that he is protesting against various issues which are aspects of feminist sexism.

1. Feminists retaining the advantages of being women while trying to grab those of men as well. A very serious and valid issue.

2. Sexism in the Olympic Games (and in professional and amateur sports in general), where men and women compete in separate competitions for the simple reason that it suits women. If something suits women, it happens. If something suits men, it is banned on the grounds of "Gender Equity".

3. Feminists always try to misrepresent men every time they can. Feminists virtually control the information in western societies.

4. Military sexism. Feminists have the vote, are a majority of the electorate, vote in governments that declare war, only the men are conscripted, and after the war the Feminists reinvent history by insisting that women made an equal contribution to the war effort. Women may serve in the military as volunteers, but no modern country has ever drafted them to serve in the front-line.

Marc Lepine was character-assassinated in the same way that fathers are slandered in the divorce/family courts. Zohrab even claims that Lepine was not sexist, as the media stated, but that he was actually fighting sexism !

Zohrab concludes with those words that would haunt him for years in certain milieux: "Feminists control information. They are hypocritical, they lie, they tell half-truths, they distort truth. Democracy depends on the information that is available to voters and politicians. If this information is controlled by self-serving Feminist liars, Democracy is a sham, and the Marc Lepine way may become the way of the future. ..."

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  1. Feminism is an equal rights movement for both women and men. Making false, unvarified,and generalized statements about feminists is one thing... It appears you are also suggesting that these intelligent, hardworking women deserved to be murdered by this man. This man committed a hate crime against women, against humanity. Contributing to the giant repository of sexist slime on the internet is no victory.