Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This blog becomes the reference about Marc Lepine

This blog on marclepine.blogspot.com becomes more and more the reference about anything that concerns Marc Lépine and the so called combat masculism: either ideological or when it devolves into genuine armed struggle. Who says? Some of those rating.com sites of course! Witness among others the last three articles on the special relation between the two Marks: Mark Steyn and Marc Lépine. And there is more: an upcoming August series enquiring about the degrees of real guilt in the Montreal shootings brings rare findings to light and comes to the surprising conclusion that the 14 alleged victims were in fact guilty. The first written piece shows the dark side of the angels of Polytechnique and
explains how nothing is as seems: people planning genocide and gendercide could hardly be considered innocent.

So this is a great site that goes sometimes beyond the mere facts and explores the perception of the public, the symbolism and all aspects of the emerging mystique surrounding the killer, then Marc Lepine is not only relevant for society as a whole and the problems of local modern history, he has become truly an international public figure, and as such: even a fact of civilization.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mark Steyn: the dream list

Mark Steyn: the WET wish list

Talking about anyone's agenda is to ask the question about goal, motive, and WHAT it really means WHEN and above all IF he ever becomes totally victorious in life. What would his dream come true look like? What has he always wished for and what would TOTALLY SATISFY HIM? According to his writings, to state the entirety of what is needed to TOTALLY SATISFY Mr. Steyn, one would have to make a list, a very long list, then there are so many things that he wants.

1- He wants America to stay number one forever.

2- He wants the defeat of Islam and of Islamic terrorism and insurgency.

3- He wants Israel to be forever victorious.

4- He wants Europe to stay riddled with problems, so that America can stay on top. He wants the complete European unification to fail, because he is afraid of so much power in the hands of the Europeans.

5- He wants Russia and China to fail economically and otherwise for the same reasons: the fear that America could lose its place in world's affairs if they succeed.

6- He perhaps wants to resurrect the British empire also, and wishes that Britannia rules over the waves again.

7- He doesn't like France and is annoyed by its success, maybe he doesn't like Germany either. In his view, the anglosphere should always come first. By the way, he is an unapologetic supporter of the ''arrogance axis'' (US, Israel and the UK).

8- He wants the white man to stay on top and that the WASP (white anglo-saxon protestant) rules. According to him, yellow eyed come second and colored comes third. Anything of mixed blood comes in fourth place.

9- He doesn't like feminists and wants them to disappear, to be replaced by subservient women.

10- In his home, he, the man shall rule.

What does this dream list reveal about Mark Steyn? What really makes him tick? We learn from it that he likes to be a public stirrer and likes to provoke his neighbours. He finds himself incredibly clever at that. However, he secretly wishes that people finally begin to agree with him at some point. He does so because he cannot understand how anyone in his right mind could fail to see how right he is and how clever. His defining truth and frame of mind is that he yearns for the approval of even his enemies. He makes a lot of noise and stirs things to get attention, but his secret wish remains to be finally loved BY EVERYBODY. That's his darkest secret. By the way, have a good look at your child or at any child aged between eight and twelve, the incredible thing is: IT DOES NOT ACT ANY DIFFERENTLY!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mark Steyn: the power of confusion

Although he is generally very logical in his arguments and his comments on geopolitics (the West vs the East and especially the Muslim threat everywhere) Mark Steyn loses his cool and his marbles when it comes to feminism and women's issues. Add to this a few names like Quebec, multiculturalism and Marc Lepine and he loses it completely, getting into a rant and shooting at everything that moves. We can almost talk of a transe here, with obvious symptoms like foam at the corner of his mouth, heavy perspiration and trembling. Especially the trembling is alarming, with the shouting of course and the eyes: the terrible eyes.

We are making fun of course, but the established fact is that he loses his cool in front of feminism (and please don't mention Lepine in his presence, he'll go berserk). He doesn't like feminists, this is evident, but he really doesn't know what to make of them. He cannot declare war on them, then women constitute a big chunk of his fans, so his attitude is bound to be ambivalent: all the time. Therefore, what he says about women and feminism is not logical, it can't be, considering those premises, so he is condemned to confusion. And it is this confusion that we would like to explore here.

1- He said that women and feminists should get more involved in the war on terror then the real threat to their freedom comes from over there. But feminists don't listen to him and prefer to attack their husbands fighting oversees and complain about life in the West. If they do that, there should be something wrong with the Western civilisation, which Steyn don't address. He doesn't address this contradiction because he has difficulty understanding what is really happening, which is another way to say that he doesn't understand women at all.

2- He reminds us that if 60 per cent of college graduates are now women, there should be plenty of other patriarchal dragons left for feminists to slay, then women make up only 1.3 per cent of plumbers, pipe fitters and steamfitters. It seems that feminism hasn't won every battle in every sphere of modern Western life, there are still the plumbers to liberate.

3- He says that every December 6, ''our own unmanned Dominion lowers its flags to half-mast and tries to saddle Canadian manhood in general with the blame for the Montreal massacre -- the 14 women murdered by Marc Lepine''. Does he say that Canadian men are not real men because they failed to stop it, or does he accuse feminism of trying to put the blame on all Canadian men? Confusion.

4- He says that the defining image of contemporary Canadian maleness is not Marc Lepine but the professors and the men in that classroom, who, ordered to leave by the lone gunman, meekly did so, and abandoned their female classmates to their fate -- an act of abdication that would have been unthinkable in almost any other culture throughout human history. So he thinks men should have put their lives on the line to save their enemies! Where is the logic? Unless Mark Steyn himself is a feminist, which we know he is not. There again: more confusion.

5- ''The "men" stood outside in the corridor and, even as they heard the first shots, they did nothing. And, when it was over and Gharbi walked out of the room and past them, they still did nothing. Whatever its other defects, Canadian manhood does not suffer from an excess of testosterone.'' What does he imply? That men should have defended and saved those feminists? That men should have stopped Gharbi because he is a Muslim? Perhaps because he was the shooter and the murderer? Again and again: more and more confusion.

6- Steyn doubts that if women had been in power ''the World Trade Center would still be standing". He may be right in this instance: "...feminism ... that embodies inclusivity, multiculturalism and the ability to change the world through the humanity that women do bring... would indeed look like ... a classroom at the École Polytechnique after the men had departed...'' He pleads that large parts of the world are already, in political terms, as thoroughly feminized as they can get, and there is still no peace.

7- But he is wrong when he says that "Americans are from Mars, Europeans are from Venus". The Americans are so much from Venus that they are the ones who implanted feminism in the 1960s. And he is dead wrong to believe that Canada had an hormone treatment and is more from Venus now than the US. At least ''we did stand up to shoot the bitches'' which no American had the courage to do, and which Steyn only does in his wet dreams.

8- But we must give credit to this guy, who sometimes tells the truth when he says: ''unfortunately, those societies that most enthusiastically aligned themselves with feminist priorities are also the ones that are doomed.'' So, clearly there is a choice to be made: which is the enemy you want to defeat? The East (Islam and Asia) or feminism? Every honest American knows that you cannot defeat both enemies at the same time. It might even not be desirable, then a victory over Islam could very well bring about a worldwide victory of feminism. Have you ever thought that the surest way to defeat feminism might be to let the Moslems win? If a defeat in Afghanistan means a victory over feminism on the home front, who of the boys could really say NO to that? Steyn however never discusses that, then it would confuse the issue. As if things were not confused enough already?

9- Next Steyn talks of fall in the birth rate, saying that ''if abortion is feminism's "holy grail," there are more than a few countries that must wish they'd never stumbled upon it in the 1970s''. He reminds us that many countries are at risk because of this: Russia and Canada, where abortions outnumber live births. A death spiral unprecedented in advanced societies, and not created by war this time.

10- He suggests that a new notion of "women's issues" should be introduced and asks: ''... isn't the war on terror the real "women's issue" these days?''. But he doesn't get it as we said earlier: American women are not interested and the men here will never go for it. Real men are pissed off and want revenge, even if they have to let Islam win to get it. After all: "God said in the holy Koran that men are better than women. Why can't we settle for that?" However, he is correct in noting that Western feminists sing the ancient songs of long-won revolutions as relentlessly as drunks on St Patrick's Day: "Have fewer children, later in life" That's the strategy that will demographically deliver North America and western Europe into the hands of Islam.

Now at least, Steyn is beginning to make some sense, let us all pray the true God, the merciful... that he still continues to bestow his blessings upon our friend Mark who sometimes tells the truth in spite of all this ambient confusion. Peace brothers.

Friday, July 17, 2009


Gathering of activists in the former city of Chef Marc Lepine

What will you be doing on the first December week-end of this year? ''Sauté de mouton'' and Beaujolais nouveau anyone?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009



The question is not whether it is marketable really, rather if it is desirable to have such a game released on the market. Surprisingly, arguments in favour of such an endeavour abound. For instance, just as any iconic figure important to a fringe of the population has a right to occupy some space in the public discourse just as it already occupies space in our imaginations, the younger generation should not be shielded from negative or questionable role models. This, in the name of the freedom of expression of course. If Marc Lepine is part of the popular culture, he should be fair target for the game industry, especially since it has never been successfully proved that ultraviolent videogames lead to killing. So this shouldn't be a problem, for now. And many say that if Jesse James has its plethora of videogames, then Marc should be entitled to his own.

Some may worry about the bad taste of some of these games, Super Columbine Massacre for one, but if we remember that "Life is definitely not a video game'' one has to admit that we don't live forever either, and such a game if done correctly could be the experience of a lifetime. We could actually do in such a game the things that normal, honest, law abiding citizens are never allowed to and can only dream of doing... without getting a taste. Such a game could change lives. But most will say that to put such a game on the market and later allow it into the public domain is criminally negligent. They may be right and theirs is probably the voice of reason, but one can't help to find that REASON IS SO BORING sometimes.

The arguments in favour of a Polytechnique game are rather of an illogical nature, similar to an adolescent frame of mind: daring, geared for illicit pleasure, ready to conquer the world and willfully ignorant of any consequences. And this deliciously crazy mindset starves for the game. Would you deny them the game? Picture yourself a few years into the future: wouldn't you be proud to say to every one ''Hey I played Polytechnique II today, what a great game!''. But there is a danger of course, change and innovation always invite danger as you know. A new deadlier school shooting could occur, and then everyone would be sorry. But cheer up already, and think that the world belongs to the daring: what if someone did a Marc Lepine game? and what if such a game became a success? You'll find that sometimes, great achievements are worth the risk.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mark Steyn: the smell of fear

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn is this author who has called young men from Quebec cowards because they did not stop Marc Lepine in time and did the same for Virginia Tech students, calling them cowards also because they did not charge empty handed the gun blazing Cho. Now, how can we explain a man like Steyn saying such apparently outrageous things? Very easily, the man and all his right winger friends' diatribe can best be explained by one word, and one word only: FEAR. The man perspires fear, he secretes it, and that is his only secret.

Let's see. The man is Jewish, this could explain many things. In his book
America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It, a New York Times bestseller by the way, he expresses fear that America could lose its war against terrorism. He further fears that Islam could overcome Europe through its birthrate. As any fanatic Israel supporter, he also fears that the Jews could be overcome some day by the much more numerous Muslims. Therefore he secretly advocates genocide because he is afraid of the enemy that is reproducing in such vast numbers, fear again. Therefore he advocates massacres, is in favour of ethnic cleansing in the Balkans and the massacre of Palestinians. The driving force in Steyn's life is FEAR, like in any such extremist who nervously advocates senseless violence and massacres: there is no way around it, the smell of it is simply overpowering.

Fear that America and Europe could be supplanted at some point, fear that Israel could lose its military superiority in the region, Steyn's recurring nightmare is that the Muslim population growth could mean defeat for his personal philosophy and his way of living in the long run. Now, is somebody like that in any position to give advice to anyone? Certainly not. First priority would be that he seeks help and counsel, probably therapy too, for his anxiety problem. Someone talking of European genocide and advocating violence as a remedy has mental problems no doubt. Are these fears justified? Probably not. Steyn has a history of Multiculturalism phobia, and as we know, paranoia has always been the realm of overzealous patiots. It is a fact that such patriots have a tendency to be much more numerous in mental institutions than on real battlefields.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



Rick Flashman, in the upcoming August installment of his blog
http://marclepine.blogspot.com/, asks himself if those 14 alleged victims were really innocent. This butt kicking Inquisitor extraordinaire reminds us that if ''THERE ARE NO INNOCENT BYSTANDERS'' and only merely degrees of guilt, we should not be talking of victims or innocence at all, but rather of casualties of the Polytechnique incident (and whether the casualties themselves provoked this incident, has yet to be determined).

He quotes this inspired Gestapo commander of the region of Marseilles who said to his men late in 1943: ''Today, we stop and search only the women, children and old people, let all the others through''. At the end of the day, the team of this checkpoint had seized a record quantity of weapons, explosives and forbidden contraband products. They had to requisition dozens of trucks to transport the hundreds they had arrested. One can think also of this police officer in Chicago, a lieutenant of homicide who always suspected women, children and old people first whenever a serious unexplained crime was committed. Although he was often laughed at and ridiculed by his colleagues, most of them accusing him of wanting to take revenge for his nasty divorce, the laughters died down when his success rate was published by the department: 73%. Not bad for a maniac and lunatic! How so? He was often able to prove that if the actual murders were not committed by the women and children, they were nonetheless approved, sponsered and often paid for by them. See, NO INNOCENCE...

And when Marc Lépine opens fire, what were these 14 young, pure and innocent girls doing? No doubt they were reading Valerie Solanas' SCUM manifesto and planning a genocide ! Flashman points out that if Gendercide becomes kosher at some point and acceptable to those feminists in the feminine studies programs of our universities, then fémicide should be okay too. If that is so, then Marc Lepine might not have done anything wrong at all.

Read all about it in the August release of
http://marclepine.blogspot.com/ . This time, Flashman surpassed himself and OVERCAME.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009



We say claim him, although polite society doesn't want you to associate and identify with such a person (imagine, a criminal!), it rather wants you to stay close to a Disneyland view of the world, but we know that the Walt Disney way of facing this world doesn't really work: it gets the shit kicked out of it now in Irak and Afghanistan, and everywhere else. The heroes in shining armour are over, they made too good a target. And the Roy Rogers of this world wearing a white shirt get dirty pretty fast in contact with the ugly reality. The truth is that this world is muddy, therefore the need for antiheroes in the 1970s; but even the likes of Clint Eastwood are outclassed now, they won't suffice because the world has got dirtier in the meantime. Is Marc the solution then?

You are 14 and a bad ass, you play violent video games all day because your mom is not home. She's on an errand of a disreputable nature, your father is not there either then she has thrown him out of the house years ago. So, home alone, you spend your whole day at the Arcade parlour playing such violent video games that even regular customers are appalled. You have an understanding with the owner who has agreed to connect a machine just for you in the backstore, so that bad asses like you won't disturb the regular clientele. My young friend, you desperately need a mentor or a hero! Let's see the games you are playing now: the Gender War, ''kill all the bitches'', exterminate all women. Wow, small wonder if with titles and games like that, you caused some protests and concern. You'll have a hard time to find a girlfriend, then any girl watching you play these kinds of games will quickly decide to stay away.

On the other hand, there are perhaps good reasons why you play these games: rejection for one. You feel resentment towards your mother who is never there for you, the female teachers at schools who constantly make fun of you and belittle you, the girls in the street that are so arrogant and treat you like you don't exist, and the world in general. We repeat, you need a hero. It is OK to dream of revenge, it is okay to say: ''some day...'' and mean it, and it is more than OK that your hero might be one of Revenge: some dark figure. Roy Rogers can't help you there, and the ''Happy trail'' leads to an impasse. The hippie world of love never worked and the American dream is shattered. Maybe you should try another road, maybe you should explore the dark side. Marc is there waiting for you. Defy them all, dare them, reject polite society and CLAIM HIM.

But I don't know if I can claim him, he was a Canadian living in Quebec at the end of the last century. Of course you can claim him! It doesn't matter if you are an Australian boy of twelve or a 14 years old New-Zealander mad gamer, it doesn't matter if you live in the US, the UK or somewhere else in Europe. What matters is that Marc is now international, that over a period of 20 years Canadian feminists have given him true immortality (imagine, HE IS IMMORTAL now thanks to them), and above all that HE IS THERE FOR YOU. Claim him boys: ''By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, you shall be avenged''... some day.



Celebrating Twenty years this year

Limo service, police escort, huge masculist gathering

A Gathering of extreme anti-feminists in an international misogynist convention in Montreal, Canada this year. All extremist groups in our field bringing a few hundred activists in a weed-end event in Montreal (which is extremely well located, being at equal distance from Europe, most of North America, and Asia). An international misogynist Symposium in the city of Marc Lepine has been an idea cherished by many for over a decade, and now the event is upon us. A guided bus Tour to Polytechnique (where it all happened in 1989), a formal dinner with an address by the mayor of Montreal, and a Ball of remembrance to close the ceremonies. The ''Fem-vampire sisters'' will sing for the occasion and live music will be provided by the ''Vancouver Mangina Rock group''.

What will you be doing on the first December week-end of this year?