Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mark Steyn: the dream list

Mark Steyn: the WET wish list

Talking about anyone's agenda is to ask the question about goal, motive, and WHAT it really means WHEN and above all IF he ever becomes totally victorious in life. What would his dream come true look like? What has he always wished for and what would TOTALLY SATISFY HIM? According to his writings, to state the entirety of what is needed to TOTALLY SATISFY Mr. Steyn, one would have to make a list, a very long list, then there are so many things that he wants.

1- He wants America to stay number one forever.

2- He wants the defeat of Islam and of Islamic terrorism and insurgency.

3- He wants Israel to be forever victorious.

4- He wants Europe to stay riddled with problems, so that America can stay on top. He wants the complete European unification to fail, because he is afraid of so much power in the hands of the Europeans.

5- He wants Russia and China to fail economically and otherwise for the same reasons: the fear that America could lose its place in world's affairs if they succeed.

6- He perhaps wants to resurrect the British empire also, and wishes that Britannia rules over the waves again.

7- He doesn't like France and is annoyed by its success, maybe he doesn't like Germany either. In his view, the anglosphere should always come first. By the way, he is an unapologetic supporter of the ''arrogance axis'' (US, Israel and the UK).

8- He wants the white man to stay on top and that the WASP (white anglo-saxon protestant) rules. According to him, yellow eyed come second and colored comes third. Anything of mixed blood comes in fourth place.

9- He doesn't like feminists and wants them to disappear, to be replaced by subservient women.

10- In his home, he, the man shall rule.

What does this dream list reveal about Mark Steyn? What really makes him tick? We learn from it that he likes to be a public stirrer and likes to provoke his neighbours. He finds himself incredibly clever at that. However, he secretly wishes that people finally begin to agree with him at some point. He does so because he cannot understand how anyone in his right mind could fail to see how right he is and how clever. His defining truth and frame of mind is that he yearns for the approval of even his enemies. He makes a lot of noise and stirs things to get attention, but his secret wish remains to be finally loved BY EVERYBODY. That's his darkest secret. By the way, have a good look at your child or at any child aged between eight and twelve, the incredible thing is: IT DOES NOT ACT ANY DIFFERENTLY!

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  1. ''The silence of the Canadian lambs'' says Steyn, well he shouldn't forget that the lamb overcomes in the end, according to the Bible at least, while the eagle has lost every single war since Vietnam (Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq)...