Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mark Steyn: the smell of fear

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn is this author who has called young men from Quebec cowards because they did not stop Marc Lepine in time and did the same for Virginia Tech students, calling them cowards also because they did not charge empty handed the gun blazing Cho. Now, how can we explain a man like Steyn saying such apparently outrageous things? Very easily, the man and all his right winger friends' diatribe can best be explained by one word, and one word only: FEAR. The man perspires fear, he secretes it, and that is his only secret.

Let's see. The man is Jewish, this could explain many things. In his book
America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It, a New York Times bestseller by the way, he expresses fear that America could lose its war against terrorism. He further fears that Islam could overcome Europe through its birthrate. As any fanatic Israel supporter, he also fears that the Jews could be overcome some day by the much more numerous Muslims. Therefore he secretly advocates genocide because he is afraid of the enemy that is reproducing in such vast numbers, fear again. Therefore he advocates massacres, is in favour of ethnic cleansing in the Balkans and the massacre of Palestinians. The driving force in Steyn's life is FEAR, like in any such extremist who nervously advocates senseless violence and massacres: there is no way around it, the smell of it is simply overpowering.

Fear that America and Europe could be supplanted at some point, fear that Israel could lose its military superiority in the region, Steyn's recurring nightmare is that the Muslim population growth could mean defeat for his personal philosophy and his way of living in the long run. Now, is somebody like that in any position to give advice to anyone? Certainly not. First priority would be that he seeks help and counsel, probably therapy too, for his anxiety problem. Someone talking of European genocide and advocating violence as a remedy has mental problems no doubt. Are these fears justified? Probably not. Steyn has a history of Multiculturalism phobia, and as we know, paranoia has always been the realm of overzealous patiots. It is a fact that such patriots have a tendency to be much more numerous in mental institutions than on real battlefields.


  1. "[I]s somebody like that in any position to give advice to anyone?" It all depends on whether or not his fears are justified. Churchill was very afraid of Hitler, but we now know that none of the nasty things he said about Nazi Germany was false. Most importantly, Steyn does NOT advocate violence. In fact, this is so clear that I dare say you're lying. Get a grip.

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    YOU: "Let's see. The man is Jewish, this could explain many things...As any fanatic Israel supporter...Therefore he advocates massacres...The driving force in Steyn's life is FEAR,..." Outstanding gibberish.
    And YOU on global Islmic terrorism: "Are these fears justified? Probably not. Steyn has a history of Multiculturalism phobia," Excellent parody of the PC wilfully ignorant & the dumber than dog hair cultural and security suicide! Again five stars! Thus you are unpublishable, unreadable, unsuccesful, unpopular..YOUR driving force is lazy anonymous spineless jealousy. Excellent.

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  3. Hahaha! Mark Lepine, is JEALOUS of Steyn! Sing it loud and proud!

    When YOU are for VERY good reasons booked months ahead, are a syndicated kinda columnist, a number one best seller, popular, liked, witty, quotable and have the balls and spine to gee, COMPETE with an actual achievement, let us all freaking know.

    You are a bog standard leftard non-reader of the week at Steyn online, dumbo. Check yaself out, silly sausage. From ya profile pic I think you need new glasses, bottle boy.

    Colonel Robert Neville blogspot com.

  4. Oh you're NOT Mark Lepine? Really? But gee, ya both cowardly creeps and Jew haters. Well I'll be. Don't tell me: your cue to say you're not a Jew hater just an anti-Zionist! Go on.

    But Zionist means a Jew who supports the existence of er, Israel and thus er, Jews. Nope, you're a Jew hater alright as most leftards are. It goes with the West hating territory.

    Steyn said of people like you that : "you live in a fantasy life compltely supported by the system you despise." Love it. Oh I'm sure famous people quote you all the time. No.

    Rick Flashman feels fine, cos he's got excuses for jealousy, all the time! I like it. Toodle ooh, poops.

    Colonel Robert Neville blogspot com.

  5. Another diamond: YOU:"It is a fact that such patriots have a tendency to be much more numerous in mental institutions than on real battlefields."

    What rank are you again? Yes of course every professional soldier hates their country and only traitors win battles. It's a well known twisted leftard fuck land.

    Ya stoned or largared right now ain't cha? Gee, I'm glad there's moral vacuum nihilist spineless 4F's like you to protect my children and the freedom and prosperity of the Western Canon. No, you're a slimy mediocre IQ unread phony bore and you know it.

    Again, hahahahahahaha! Thanks for the pure gold laffs, ya twerp. Grow balls, a spine, honesty, logic and decency. No dice? Carry on then anti-Semite boy.

    Colonel Robert Neville blogspot com.

  6. So, let me get this: Steyn advocating the use of "violence" against Marc Lepine types is based on irrational fear?

    As is his "Islamophobia" the irrational fear of the next New York, London, Madrid, Bali, Mumbai, Danish cartoon, etc etc etc; Noteworthy though is that demographic and stealth jihad (welfare-abusing Muslim immigrants promoting Sharia and suppressing criticism of their ideology etc, esp in Western Europe) are proving to be equally effective.

    Bruce Bawer's "While Europe Slept" is an uncomfortably honest (for you) description of this trend and how "bleeding heart liberals" (your which-one-are-you self-ascribed label?)fit into the picture.

  7. Your blog smells of shite.

    Slightly more unpleasant than fear.

  8. Great comments you all and thank you Colonel, very refreshing!

  9. 1. Steyn is not Jewish, so that doesn't explain anything.

    2. Now, YOU assuming Steyn is Jewish--that does explains many things.

  10. Hey, Jew hating man-rammer, Mark Steyn is not Jewish, doofus.

    William Stroock

  11. Indeed.

    Mark Steyn's obviously flawed character trait of this inordinate fear regarding bombings and beheadings, and the coming age of Islamist influence injected into most aspects of this blithering multi-cult crappola, is exactly why he needs meds. Yeah--that's the ticket.

    Ya know, there IS this old saying, chief.

    "Even paranoids have true enemies." Add to this the fact that not just Islam, but this happy-face nothingness-on-a-stick called "multi-culti", which dares not make judegements, and we'll have two enemies to tangle with....

  12. You surpass yourself gentlemen, not only great comments but great passion as well. It is a pleasure to see you so alive and well on this lovely morning. Keep on swinging and fighting the good fight. It is a pure delight to see you so eager...

  13. Of course Mark Steyn is afraid, as am I. Moreover, as Machiavelli says, fear of death makes men good. The works of men's hands and tongues would not have reached the great height at which one sees them, did not necessity drive them on. And one ought not threaten the life of a prince, for the reasons stated, among others.

  14. Leo (July 12, 2009 8:06 PM) said, "Most importantly, Steyn does NOT advocate violence." It's not necessary that he do such a thing.

  15. What you say has merit, Mr. Kralizec, you may be right that Mr. Steyn does not advocate violence per se, but his kind of violent moronic outbursts might well be mistaken for some kind of violence. I grant you it might rather be described as a new form pollution for our senses (our hearing and our eyes), but you have to admit that he has insofar reached new heights in the measurement of ambient moronic levels.

  16. Neither Steyn nor his parents are Jewish. Someone who makes the assumption based on simply a name because he wants it to be true has no credibility.

    On the other hand, Marc Lepine was really Gamil Gharbi, son of an abusive Algerian Muslim immigrant father who stuck around long enough in his formative years to mold his son's view of women as inferior objects to be abused.

    His mother was a French Canadian former nun, explaining why Gharbi was babtized Roman Catholic. By her actions she was a person who valued education and made a career for herself in nursing that allowed her to be the sole support for her son but there appears to have been no closeness between them. Possibly non-Muslim mothers find it hard to love sons who have been taught to feel only contempt for them.

    Someone who selects the name of a mass murderer for his blog site, implies that this mentally deranged criminal may now be a "folk hero", claims that someone's (misattributed) Jewishness explains a lot but does not indicate that Gharbi's exposure to Islamic misogyny may also explain a lot is more scary than Steyn will ever be.

  17. Mr. Flashman your rationalization of the cowardice of the "men" at Quebec reveals your bizarre sense of complete denial.

    No, none of the students at Virginia Tech "went in guns blazing" but there was an example of supreme courage that day. Perhaps you missed it because the MAN who gave his life was a Jew? It can't have happened because you have decided, out of FEAR, to believe that Jews can not be noble?

    Liviu Lebrescu placed himself between the murderer and his students, saving their lives and sacrificing his. He decide that it was better to die as a MAN, than to live as what John Stuart Mill called, A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

  18. Dear Mr. Lookingfornobility, I am not the one who started the name calling, Mr. Steyn did. It was he who called these students and teachers cowards, it was he who denounced the culture of passivity in front of overwhelming odds in such a way as to reach new moronic levels.

  19. Steyn was baptized, you moron, but at least he's smart enough to know that the Judeo-Christian West needs to triumph over the communist buttlickers of islam like you.

    And as others have noted, only a MORON names their blog after a mass-murderer.

    And with all your ranting over cowardice, you forgot to note that of all the cringing boys at VA Tech, only an OLD JEWISH MAN stood up to the shooter their, protecting his students.