Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This blog becomes the reference about Marc Lepine

This blog on marclepine.blogspot.com becomes more and more the reference about anything that concerns Marc Lépine and the so called combat masculism: either ideological or when it devolves into genuine armed struggle. Who says? Some of those rating.com sites of course! Witness among others the last three articles on the special relation between the two Marks: Mark Steyn and Marc Lépine. And there is more: an upcoming August series enquiring about the degrees of real guilt in the Montreal shootings brings rare findings to light and comes to the surprising conclusion that the 14 alleged victims were in fact guilty. The first written piece shows the dark side of the angels of Polytechnique and
explains how nothing is as seems: people planning genocide and gendercide could hardly be considered innocent.

So this is a great site that goes sometimes beyond the mere facts and explores the perception of the public, the symbolism and all aspects of the emerging mystique surrounding the killer, then Marc Lepine is not only relevant for society as a whole and the problems of local modern history, he has become truly an international public figure, and as such: even a fact of civilization.

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