Monday, August 24, 2009


Was Lepine storming Polytechnique perhaps a preemptive strike? While Valérie Solanas, Andrea Dworkin, Mary Daly, Sally Miller Gearhart and Gloria Steinem were planning genocides in advocating the extermination of all men, or were preparing their extinction and biological demise in wanting to generalize Parthenogenesis and ovular merging, a young boy began to see red and took an historic necessary step to save the men. His was perhaps the first concrete gesture of a modern campaign to save the males. What Marc did on that day was to answer the thousand times asked hypothetical question: ''what would you do if you were back in time in 1926, with a loaded revolver in your hand and had Hitler right in front of you?'' Marc Lépine answered in picking up his gun and went to shoot Hitler and his feminazis.

In the 1980s, it was certainly a good thing to ''save the whales'', but now it is high time to think about us and ''save the males''. In a sense, what Marc did could be called collective legitimate self-defense on a symbolic level: he killed the bad women who were planning the extermination of men. No, it is not science-fiction: the writings of Solanas, Dworkin, Daly, Gearhart and Steinem clearly state the genocide and were available and largely published at the time. What is more, they were bragging about it, they were screaming from the height of their pulpit and University chairs their intention to get rid of the men and exterminate them. Lépine simply saw red in listening to their ineptitudes and foolishness and did not bother to ask himself if they were perhaps talking figuratively and if this was merely a symbolic discourse. He leaped into action to the greater good of us all;
then as the horror passed and with a 20 years distance, many are now asking if he was perhaps not a little bit right, worse: some will claim outright that he was completely right !

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  1. It's really very simple. If women have the right to hate and kill men, men have the right to hate and kill women.