Thursday, August 6, 2009


So, Canada is the land of the Tyranny of Nice, a 2008 book written by Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere with an introduction of Mark Steyn, says it. You probably didn't know how Canada crushes freedom in the name of human rights or that one of the oldest continuous constitutional democracies on the planet, is no longer a free society, so you will have to read the book to find out how. À propos Tyranny Of Nice, the only one I could think of before was the attempt of Disneyland to conquer the world and impose the views of Walt Disney to the whole planet. Now that is a real Tyranny of what is not especially nice, except for a bunch of share holders who want to force a cultural concept upon the throat of Europe and Asia! Is that not reminiscent of how a certain fast food giant tried to conquer the planet decades ago? Tyranny, certainly! Nice? I'm not so sure.

Want "nice"? Move to Canada. And give UP on human dignity, okay?
Those who say things like that imply that the US is not nice, but at least has human dignity. So, are the US dirty and Canada clean? By the way, was not ''Mr. Clean'' coming from the US? When Steyn says that the ''...freedom of expression, ...freedom to engage in the whole messy rough’n’tumble of vigorous debate that distinguishes open societies from lesser, stunted, insecure ones...'', does he give us the choice between cleanliness and basic freedom? Now, who wants it clean and who wants it dirty? That seems to be the question. Clearly, cleanliness has a price, and so if you want Canada to stay a pristine country, maybe we should give up some ''rights to jerkism''. Of course, the advocates of the talk radio culture will protest no doubt.

If Canuckistan has a chance to fight back at Amerika, is it not on the subject of mass murder? Now Mr. Steyn called the men of our ''unmanned dominion'' cowards, because unarmed Quebecers failed to stop the lone gunman in Montreal in 1989. And what did you do, you proud sons of the country of John Wayne, to stop the killer at Virginia Tech in 2007? I think at last, we'll have a field day over Steyn this time! So, where were the famous Virginians when the iconic Cho irrupted in 2007? What! In this land of heroes, there was no one to stop him! Where was Captain America? Sleeping, I guess. And Jack Bauer? You idiots dismantled CTU, remember! And Jesse James? You morons killed him. So, at last Mark Steyn will have to come to his senses: if Virginia Tech has proved anything, it is that Amerika certainly fares no better than Canuckistan or Quebecistan in terms of slow response and inability to stop the killer. What Amerika succeeded in however, was to give a fantastic exposure to Cho's videoclip through NBC.

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