Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Some will say you're insane: the Rue89 is NOT a Marc Lepine site and it's NOT a Marc Lepine street, but we can argue otherwise. Rue 89 is a French website created by former journalists from Libération. It was officially launched on 6 May 2007. Its news editor is Pascal Riché, former Op-ed editor of Libération, and its chief editor and president of the society Rue 89 is Pierre Haski, former deputy editor of Libération. According to its editor, the name Rue89 has been chosen as a reference to freedom, through French Revolution (1789) and the fall of the Berlin wall (1989) as much as the symbolism of the street (in French: rue) as a place of meeting and discussion.

But we very well know that the real World Revolution against feminism started in Montreal on December 6th 1989, therefore Rue 89. So, Marc, you got your own street now! But it's very little to go on, will say some incredulous hardliners. Well, consider the blog of Patric Jean giving long accounts of Rue89's admiration for Lepine (and his own secret one), Mario tout de go à craving more and more Lepine and Martin Dufresne's own demons (his secret love for the December man). Clearly: MARC HAS HIS OWN STREET NOW: Freedom 1989.

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