Thursday, September 3, 2009


Some corruptions of reason are so evil that the name ‘fallacy’ is wholly inadequate, such as ''feminist bigotry". Feminists do not see a man as an individual, but only as a representative of an entire category of people: the ones they hate. ''Some men have been unfair to us, you are a man, so you must be evil''. It is a terribly twisted way of thinking and is at the very core of racism and other forms of bigotry. People for centuries have thought this way: having some feature in common with certain other individuals is enough grounds to condemn any given person. Feminists think that way.

Such violations of reason are committed in Canada on a massive scale every year. The "end violence against women" campaign is one such violation. It is the most outrageous application of this kind of thinking. Month after month Canadians are bombarded with appeals that they should oppose "violence against women", reaching a crescendo on the anniversary of the killing of 14 women by Marc Lepine. Why only violence against women? Isn’t physical assault on anyone a terrible wrong? Does not violence against men also matter enough to mention? What reasons have those who promote this campaign for excluding half the human race from their feelings of concern?

The reasons are as follows. "There is much more violence against women", which is demonstrably false. Every single source of statistical information on the subject, from police records to public survey, reveals that men are more often the victims of serious violence in society. But those who wage the "violence against women" awareness campaign do not claim there are greater amounts of such violence, however they offer grounds for ignoring all male victims that are absolutely not valid, such as: "there has been less concern for female victims of violence in this society'' (which is false), ''we are merely expressing the compassion which has been absent in the past" (false also).

Feminists apply a very distorted thinking to everything: they claim that there has always been widespread hostility toward women in our culture, in their eyes, Marc Lepine was merely acting out what large numbers of others feel. Women’s pain and suffering have always been ignored, etc... Many who support the "violence against women" campaign believe these fallacies because they do not know better. Other grotesque claims are: "women are more vulnerable to assault than men", ''they are not given any protection'' people show less concern about them than about the lives of men, and other inaccuracies. The feminist discourse is riddled with such lies.

The truth of the matter is that most serious violence involves weapons, to which the typical man and the typical woman are equally vulnerable. Those who make gun control a "violence against women" issue know perfectly well that a bullet is as deadly to a man as to a woman. In fact, more men are killed by guns each year then women. Feminist fallacies and bigotry explain why so many are willing to ignore violence against men. They give the following twisted reason: "the great bulk of the violence in society is committed by men". For the manginas and women orchestrating the awareness campaign, the Male victims of violence do not deserve as much sympathy as female victims (or no sympathy at all), because the people committing the violence are usually also men. "Whether you are personally innocent or not is unimportant. If you have some feature in common with your assailant, you share the blame for your own victimisation and therefore merit no compassion".

This is the pure evil of feminist reasoning: Hypocrisy all over

This kind of reasoning is responsible for vast amounts of hate and injustice in the world. Indeed, it is responsible for much of the violence in the world. Someone who has been victimised by a member of a certain ethnic category sees it as merely righting the scales of justice to harm in turn, not the individual who committed the wrong, but some other person of the same ethnicity. The same goes with feminists: all men are guilty. But feminists cannot officially be labeled wrong, because theirs is a "politically correct" kind of bigotry. And the main people committing this bigotry are not the ignorant and the reactionary; they are progressives who claim, in the very act of doing it, to be advocating compassion and equality. Really: Hypocrisy all over.

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