Friday, September 25, 2009


You can kill all the babies you want, ladies. For what I care !

''But it's my body''
Of course it's your body, problem is: nobody wants it anymore.

Remember: the more babies you kill, the more you are telling things about you.

One out of two babies you kill now would have become a feminist, so by all means ladies, please continue!

Lesbian couples do not need abortion, so go lesbian girls!

If you don't let any man approach you, you will never need an abortion, ever. So, run like hell and do not let men approach you.

But if I got raped? An abortion of course. I know a clinic that will give every fifth client a free shotgun.

Don't get me wrong: you can create an ocean of blood if you want to, but if you do, remember just one thing: in doing this you are definitely telling the world something about you.

You can say anything you want about abortion, but these women are far better killers than I ever was: more resolve, totally heartless and bloody, yes awfully bloody!

And now get the hell out of here, and take your ''shit body'' with you.


  1. Good god, how come nobody comments this kind of stuff? Guess Facebook is more interesting, huh.

    You know, you have the right to have all the opinions you want. IF, ONLY IF you really think it over.

    You're reacting impulsively to what is a surgical operation, that is done in the vast majority of cases on women who were either raped or who, for some reason, got pregnant while they were taking contraception (it's more likely than you think, Google it).

    Abortion is a really painful experience. From all the testimonies I've gathered, every woman I've seen was not pleased to have an abortion (that's the least you could say).

    Don't you think they've gone through enough pain already? Do you really think it necessary to go all holy on them because they're "killing" a "baby?"

    Because - let's face it - the operation is all about making sure the foetus doesn't even get to BE a baby. I mean do you have any memory at all from the time you were in your mother's uterus? Does it sound rational to you at all that a FOETUS can feel pain? Even if it does, with a little research on the internet (which you obviously have) could have enlightened you on this subject. I actually did my research as I was writing this :

    And finally, even if we assume that the foetus does feel pain while abortion, what's going to become of the baby? What if it's the product of rape? Or what if it's born while the mother is still studying? Or what if it's just not desired? How is it going to feel about that? Is it better to let a baby live an unhappy life rather than just not let him grow to the point where it gains an actual conscience?

    I hope I made you think a bit here.

  2. You know, your entire blog's intent is really unclear. I can't tell whether your posts are serious or not. If they're satirical, make it more obvious, and ignore my comment.

    If they're not, well... that's pretty sad.