Saturday, September 5, 2009


If feminists run the schools now and continue to teach anti-male hate, then maybe they didn't get the point that Marc and Cho wanted to make in their days, and maybe school shooting could be seen as a necessary periodical therapeutic activity, just like fingernails clipping. If feminist Public Schools have become a toxic environment as many claim they have, if the education system has been taken over by feminists and lesbians who preach a daily diet of hate, violence and discrimination against males despite pretense of "tolerance", "non violence" and "inclusiveness", if all these recent reports are indeed true, then it is high time that some young patriot picks up his gun or his sword and... Girls wearing anti-male hate clothing, slogans on T-Shirts taunting a killing: of course after the events have taken place and everyone mourns, it would be cruel to say "they had it coming", but it is the truth.

Witness these pamphlets issued by the Canadian Federation of Teachers about the situation in Afghanistan that show exclusive concern for women, girls and female babies and absolutely none for the males despite the fact that boys are the ones being forced to carry a gun, kill and be killed, the ones traumatized, and this starting as early as eight years old. They emphasize that the girls have been denied schooling, and forget the fact that the boys had been denied schooling too... and been traumatized for life on top of it.

A favourite feminist teachers' tactic is the following: they show videos in classrooms blaming all date violence on males. Once the video has been shown, the girls overflow the room with anti-male hate statements, while the boys are afraid to speak up. Of course the video's depiction is false but the feminist teacher will insist that it is the absolute truth. We hear that such indoctrination tends to become the norm in North American schools. Let us not forget the omnipresent "Women's History Month" posters on the walls. In some classrooms, the boys are so abused by their feminist teachers that they cannot even whimper, even after repeated attempts to get them to say anything at all. Grade-12 students nearing their graduation are virtually depressed about the climate of ever-climaxing anti-male hate.

Talking about work condition of male teachers or substitutes, they are routinely discriminated against at every level of employment with no recourse to authorities. In substitute teaching, patterns emerge such as gender-cleansing (Men need not apply). The substitute clerks want women, and when they can't get them (a rarity), a man can get called at the last minute. To be in teaching is to be immersed in femininity. Wall-to-wall women, everywhere; the students, the teaching staff, the curriculum, the posters on walls, the celebrations, the laments, the teacher unions, the student unions. Half of humanity counts for nothing in schools, except to be harmed, of course. The typical photography of all students of a classroom is usually a 4-page issue of about 30 students, an average of 27 women and 3 men. The text at the bottom reminds us that men, especially white men, are all advantaged and women disadvantaged, and this stated on a perfect void of evidence.

The ideology taught in school is women-as-victim and men-as-victimizer. In the real world though, 96% of job-caused deaths might be male, but women are still speaking in frenzied hate at our universities, and insist that the proper world order should be save-the-women/kill-the-men. They distort facts: they will say about suicide that female depression is 50% higher than male depression, but will fail to mention that male suicide is 400% higher than female suicide. Other examples: student unions have handbooks which blame all date violence on men, walls and front office windows have prominently displayed posters about date violence which also blame all on men. Annually, the unions take part in the Marc Lepine remembrance day ceremonies at universities... which again blame everything on men. Universities have Women's Studies and of course no Men's Studies, and a "Womyn's Center" and of course no Men's Center.

The poster "greeting" men to the Womyn's Centre" has the arrogance to say: MEN: Welcome to the Womyn's Centre. This is a SAFE PLACE for Womyn and Womyn identified people only.
MEN are asked to KNOCK before entering and to use the space briefly. Only to access the resources such as: pamphlets, free stuff and books in the Library. Thank you for your respect and understanding.

"No thanks for the disrespect and hate" is the normal reaction of any man reading the above. One might regret in such moments that Marc didn't bring more ammo... and used it, but let's get back to the problem at hand and ask ourselves seriously: WHAT SHOULD WE DO WITH THOSE SCHOOLS? Sadly enough, it seems that the title of our little essay here is not at all exaggerated. We stated MORE MASSACRES MIGHT BE CALLED FOR, eh bien, it seems in all probability that more are, in fact, called for. It is as simple as that! Would someone kindly take a shovel or a gun, there is a thorough clean-up job to be performed at these schools here!

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