Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In the past, whenever the United States was engaged in a war, it's always been on foreign soil. American combatants were always male citizens - most of them drafted. American sleazebag women never got the slightest inkling of what a war is really like. While the American men were serving the country, women were serving themselves by furthering their education or careers, or just 'kicking back' and enjoying the good life. Osama bin Laden threw a big monkey wrench into that routine when he ran passenger jets into the Pentagon and the Twin Towers.At least 500 of the 3000 deaths on 9/11 were malingering American females. Osama bin Laden achieved then, what no former enemy was able to accomplish: he killed a shitload of previously untouchable American women. Marc Lepine also proved in his time that women are not untouchable anymore. In the 1950s any man attacking women would have gotten in serious trouble with other men rushing to their help. Two decades later, many men refuse to help and defend. Lepine is not so much a visionary or a hero: he is simply a ''revealer'', having showed us that day how much things have changed. For the first time in history, men were either unable to- or simply bluntly refused to help these women in need, as Mark Steyn is so prone to remind us. THEY DIDN'T HELP for the first time, there must be a reason.

If the likes of Mark Steyn were really intelligent, instead of blaming the men they would start to look for reasons, then a new paradigma is definitely emerging. Men unable to help: quite shocking, men unwilling to help: rather disturbing. What if the future defeat was not caused by a few Quislings but by a sizeable portion of the population that says ''enough''. No we won't obey, no we refuse to help and fight. We have seen very arrogant officers (even in Napoleon's time) completely broken when their men refused to obey. ''What if...'', pray that it won't happen! Then if a majority of American men suddenly sees the truth, not only the feminists are finished but also the privileged political class is in trouble. Maybe what happened at Polytechnique that night was that all the men present got a brief glimpse at the truth, and were (take your pick) either incapable or unwilling to act. Small wonder if Steyn is scared out of his wit by that, his kind feel threatened at a primal level.

So, what is the message? The message is, ladies and gentlemen (but especially for you ladies), that NO ONE IS UNTOUCHABLE ANYMORE.

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