Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A woman was an active feminist in college in the 1980s. Was it an unreasonable thing? They say the feminist movement had legitimate grievances then, and that many male college students of that era were sympathetic. Is it ludicrous to hold someone like that woman personally responsible for the excesses and problems that followed and that feminism has created since? In other words, are the likes of Lepine wrong and is their anger unjustified. Some mangina university professor may state something like: ''many of the problems men and fathers face today were not created by feminism. Some of them were created by chivalrous males and conservatives, some were created by lawyers and government bureaucrats and others were created because the average man is far more likely to be concerned about injustice and problems that women face rather than take care of his own.''

A mangina professor will always say things like that: that feminists of the 1980s were blameless and Lepine had no reason to open fire. He will insist that some of the injustices happened because men as a whole have not done much to defend themselves. The farthest he could go is to admit that feminists bear only part of the blame for the problems that men and fathers face today. If in the 1980’s feminism was peaking in terms of popularity, wasn't it because women back then thought they could ''have it both ways'', like they always have? What attracted such women to the movement, wasn't it the cheap sentiment that they could support “equality for all people” and at the same time quit their hobby job when it suited them?

Men must see that by being understanding or even taking an apologetic tone with women, they hand feminists the moral high ground before even starting to state the case for men’s rights. Didn’t feminism bash men, both collectively and individually, as soon as they got the chance? Blaming all men for the bad things any particular men had done to them, while demanding more goodies for women. It is our belief that the majority of women ARE NOT innocent. Plenty of women say they supported feminism in their days, but insist they weren’t radicals but merely searching for “equality”. They won't admit the equality they were searching for is of the kind of those who will ''carefully go to the restroom the moment the dinner check arrives''.

The truth is that women double dip all the time and enjoy it, they just don't like to be caught with their hands in the cookie jar. When they do get caught, they give you this wide-eyed look of a child and say “I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong!”. Nonsense. Feminism justified getting all these goodies for women based upon the “fair treatment of all people”. Feminists didn’t just ignore the sexism that existed against men, they exploited it to the maximum! All what hypothetically repentant women would need to say really, is that they were mistaken and that feminism was really about man-bashing. They shouldn't try to get off easy though and come across as if they didn’t know what was going on. It is like in Germany just after the Nazi era. Everyone will tell you they didn't know about atrocities and that they are completely innocent.

For most women, equality looks like this: ''after her hausband had been working his 60 hours a week, he should be happy to do the dishes, while SHE goes diamond shop with HER income!''. Reality number one: it is impossible to have equality between everyone, unless you do it the feminist way. Which means finding and selecting a target group, white males for instance, and then depriving them of rights so that the other group can pretend to be “equal”. Women can’t marry up in income and leave their hobby jobs when it suits them, AND still earn as much as men. It is impossible and is known in America as ''wanting to have it both ways''. Expecting men to constantly pay all the real bills, while women are being given special privileges in the workplace is a recipe for disaster. Then one day the men will be fed up and pick up that gun, just as Marc did.

If we try to sum it up here: calling for “equality” while enjoying feminine privileges is DOUBLE DIPPING. The gall of what feminism is, that is: bashing their historical protectors and providers, is a surefire recipe for inheriting the wind some day. Storms of resentment take sometimes years to build, but once they are unleashed they have a tendency to be unstoppable and everyone is sorry! Women who say they are innocent and absolutely not to blame for what feminists did have to think again. They sat and said nothing while men were villified, slandered, legislated against, oppressed, driven to suicide, their families wrecked and their children taken from them. They did NOTHING. In my book, it looks very much like criminal negligence: The great excuse. Wise men say: “there are consequences, my dear, for inactivity, for what we call the effects of CULPABLE NEGLIGENCE. Maybe you should get thee to a nunnery”. “But I was not aware of those nasty injustices that feminism caused” will the American woman say with increasing frequency. Remember how German civilians and military personnel were uniformly “unaware” of the concentration camps when questioned.

The truth is that feminazis of the 1980’s held men personally and collectively responsible for real and imagined injustices, they were NOT seeking “equality” any more than they are today. They were seeking ADVANTAGES – criminal, civil, reproductive, and social advantages for women…… and only a few women have spoken up then. That is the truth of the FEMINAZI movement: ALL feminist women are responsible for the evil done to men. American women have NEVER had legitimate grievances against men. There has NEVER been an organized effort to impose evil by men onto women, however there HAS been an organized effort to impose evil onto men, for well over 40 years, but the FEMINAZI empire is crumbling now, and soon could begin the search for WAR CRIMINALS.

There has never been a need for any type of feminism in America, then females have ALWAYS been privileged in the U.S. Throughout history, no matter how bad women had it, men’s lives were always harder. It was the work of MEN that created everything we take for granted today: housing, roads, skyscrapers, automobiles, planes, ships, telecommunications, the internet, nanotechnology, police protection, the economic system, even democracy. But women want more, the expense of men’s rights. There has never been a need for special rights and privileges for women, they already had them, and they continue to have unfair advantages in business, the law, the goverment, the family, and reproduction. If most American women tolerated extremist ''men haters'' for so long, it is because they thought it would help them squeezing some more materialistic goods out of men and society. In the past, women always wanted ''to marry up in income'', now they don't even have to ''marry an income'', then they already make more money, and if they don't, the government gives them money.

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