Friday, October 9, 2009


What is it about this Marc Lepine mania? Apart from the fact that "Polytechnique" is considered by some as an event of monumental proportions and that others call Marc an "iconic shooter", it is the evocation of a holy mission by the murderer himself that introduces a new dimension and brings us to the next level: spirituality and the phenomenon of the killer saint. Sometimes, nothing more is needed to create a legend that lasts.

Let us start at the beginning though. One day, one man was fed up with feminism and wanted to really combat it and retaliate. He decided to storm a feminist stronghold called Polytechnique. From that day on, he became "the man from Polytechnique": a legend. Many men want to retaliate too. These days, the very symbols of feminism are under attack and this for good reasons: so many lives have been destroyed by feminism, so many innocent men have paid the price for the obsessions of spiteful women and been driven to suicide. Somewhere, somehow, someone will have to pay; and activists have decided that even if it should take decades, those responsible will eventually pay. With such thinking and such patience, it means that when punishment finally comes, chances are it will take those responsible completely by surprise. They will have forgotten, and secured in the belief that they have evaded punishment long ago: it will catch them unawares.

From his point of view, Marc had no choice. His country had been invaded by feminism and socialism. His province, his city; for him it seemed that his whole neighbourhood was now under siege and that feminist martial law was everywhere in effect. His beloved Canada was threatened by feminists, he had to do something: to fight back! The assault of December 6th 1989 may be seen as an act of patriotism, at least many believe it now. A desperate act by a desperate man who felt that nobody was listening to him, that the whole of North America was suddenly in danger of falling into the hands of heinous feminist socialists. Academics may insist that he was delusional, that feminism never threatened the continent as a whole, and that maybe a soft brand of socialism is exactly what America needs now. Apart from the fact that plain truth is seldom found on campus, maybe Marc saved us from something terrible that day. Is it so impossible that he'd be some kind of hero: a patriot and a visionary?

But Marc was not defending his country against a foreign feminist invasion, then the enemy came from within. Feminism was created in the United-States in the early 1900s and it was spreading now to Canada, his beloved, pristine country. It was not a foreign invasion as we said, but a North American problem that began to spread in the 1930s. Civil war was bound to happen, we knew that since the release of the 1968 SCUM manifesto, and what Marc really did was no more than to fire the first shots of this second American civil war. It happened 20 years ago at Polytechnique, some say the awesome deed. Marc Lepine went to a feminist stronghold: the faculty of engineering and architecture of the University of Montreal. He killed 15 feminists single-handedly.

Marc has been around for over 20 years, and the danger exists that he could be cast into some sort of urban legend for the generations to come. Marc might already be on the threshold of immortality. There may be scores of accounts by witnesses of that crucial night, some books written and published, but no one could tell us until now with absolute certainty how and why it really happened. This gave rise to wild speculations, and who is to say that the one we present over here is not the real truth?

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