Monday, October 19, 2009


Of course they love him, witness this site of April Reign for instance: she positively glows of maternal love and perhaps from a love of an other kind. She said she received embarrassing messages concerning him some times ago, but she keeps these messages on her site for three years now; and she cherishes them, babies them, put them in a frame and enshrine this memory in her heart. Now I call this love! Here are the links:

There are others who feel the same romantic attraction to the killer. There is Francine Pelletier, a well known Quebec journalist who applied political pressure to secure the release of Marc Lepine's last letter from the police in 2000. Her name was on the list of the 19 Quebec public women Lepine wanted to kill. She was quite uneasy at first upon learning that she was on that list, but after years of research of the masculist phenomenon, she has developed a special interest in Marc. Because he has been part of her life all those years, and was her true personal Nemesis, she became linked to him in a unique way. It would be perhaps far-fetched to talk of love in this case, but maybe not. Such a self-centered person, as successful professionals in the media usually are, who knows loneliness for a big part of her life, could perhaps find only true love in an impossible one. And loving an icon and a deceased person is sometimes the only solution.
However, one might ask why women LOVE or feel for a man who bashes them? The answer is simple. They know that he rants and bashes them for a reason, that he was wronged in the past, and what they admire is the force of his righteousness: the sheer power of his rage. And above all, they know deep down that they deserve to be punished, that this LOVE is the only way to wash away a rightly earned guilt.

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