Friday, October 23, 2009

Gender War Violence Makes Headlines

Men like to think women are somehow beneath them, not as capable in ways that matter, therefore men should make important decisions, while women should support them. Now all the ills of society are blamed on women and feminism precisely because these will not help anymore and even challenge the place of men. In short: feminists drive men to irrational explosions of violence, and they resort to commit suicide attacks on girls and become martyrs of the gender war, simply because these started the war on them first.

Most men though, shrink from such blatant manifestations. Some may resent their woman’s influence, or be mad at some nasty breakup, but generally they won't pick up a gun for that. Men dislike women, this is a fact of the new century, but they vary greatly in their expression of dislike, although fundamentally, they believe anger towards women is deserved. This is far from extremes like mass killings. They restrict themselves to verbal violence and small cruelties when attacked; they may have fantasies of killings but think only crazy men would act on them. They stay in control and know how to keep their violent feelings in check. Such incidents, like invasions of schools by predatory men on suicidal vengeful missions to terrorize girls, are clearly the exception, not the norm. Most men will denounce these incidents, keeping in mind however, how bad things happen for good reasons. Then their belief system and underlying culture may let them sympathize with the killer's motives. And who is to say they are wrong?

Killing is certainly wrong, even when performed for the right reasons, but it is not impossible for the policeman who does the arrest to sympathize with the killer's motives for instance. A wrong action does not mean that the belief system that prompted it is itself wrong. If women do not exist to serve men but to become his enemy, who could blame men to react negatively? We are much passed the point of wanting to oppress women and keep them down in their place, we are far beyond that. All what modern men want, is to be able to defend themselves against them and perhaps to replace them soon. Replace them with what? Female androids and artificial reproduction? This is no laughing matter: these things are feasible. We are a long way here from the Bible story of Adam and Eve: she was created to help him, so we thought, before we found out that her secret desire was to destroy him.

They will say it is unjustified to hate women as a group, that to end ones life in a suicide attack is a hate crime when directed against women, no matter how mad or humiliated this man was made. They will emphasize that no man can justify his violence by claiming he had no choice but to act the way he did. And they will insist that it only applies to self-defense. But most of these attacks ARE done in self-defense... against ruthless governments doing the feminists' biddings. It may be a male bonding ritual to put women down, but remember that feminists do exactly the same thing. Disillusionment may be part of growing up, and also rejection and disappointment, but it says nowhere that we have to accept everything. It says nowhere that we can't fight back! We have to face personal demons and other aspects of reality, to take responsibility for our life, actions, and beliefs. It is perhaps convenient to blame it all on women, but when we have definitive proof and they are the attacker..., what then?

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