Friday, October 16, 2009


Apparently, he did it to protect America from feminism and socialism. How true could this be? And do we need such protection? Something for sure, he will be remembered and maybe his reasons too. This short three pages manifesto might go a long way. What if we find out that many secretly liked him, and that some still do? The last thing we need is an "everybody loves Marc" movement. The feminist mistake might have been to have kept him alive for twenty years for propaganda purposes. They may live to regret this, then what if their scarecrow becomes alive somehow? What if he changes into some friendly monster?

A hero was born. Out of the blood bath of Polytechnique emerged this legend of a man: small beard and moustache, strange eyes and this endearing half smile. How many women would fall for this strange smile? And what is a hero? Someone fighting for the preservation of the Fatherland? You better think about it, then if this is your answer, Marc is undoubtedly one. Fighting to preserve us from dangerous new ideas and strange concepts like feminism and socialism. As such, fighting against all the "ism" of this world, there is definitively much American in him; an American hero perhaps?

Illuminating our boring life. It is said that civilization destroys its citizens through boredom. How many of us go see these horror movies because our daily life is mighty dull. People need thrill, excitement; therefore the popularity of those apocalyptic movies and this American fascination with serial killers. To them, Marc was simply God sent. Marc Lepine opens up a new frontier in crime and fiction, the new antihero that kills seemingly good people, but after a time it is not that clear anymore if those women were really good people. A 20 years relentless campaigning of feminist organizations against Marc has created a shadow of doubt on the purity and validity of their motives in the public eye. Many believe now that he might be the good guy. Good guys are wearing black since the 1980s, and their armour is not shiny anymore but stained by the strain of combat. If this happens to be true, Marc is setting up new standards and new rules for future antiheroes.

Given the above, it might well be true that the feminists' main mistake was to keep Marc alive for 20 years for propaganda purposes. Now the Scarecrow has fully awaken and it walks among us, and our worst nightmare has come true: MARC IS NOW IMMORTAL.

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