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His legend was born on a cold December night of 1989. Normally the superhero or masked avenger fights supervillains in comic books, but in real life, there are no supervillains: just wicked, normal people full of spite and hatred for their neighbours who hurt others. There are no good people either, or innocent people, everybody is guilty of something: if not cheating on their income tax report, they do much worse. So, Marc Lepine had no choice, if no one is innocent (which is largely the case in America due to our greed and our twisted values), his decision to hit average feminists was the right one.

The man from Polytechnique. They came, they saw, he did... Yes, he did it. How many frustrated men have dreamed of doing it, how many have realized that they don't have what it takes: cold blood, a cool composure, an ease of movement, absolutely no regret, steel in his sword and steel in his heart. Marc had it all, the stuff that legends are made of. The deed was an earthshaker, for it he got his day on the calendar: the International Marc Lepine Day or St-Marc's Day. Dozens of books published, a major feature film in 2009, a yearly commemoration coast to coast in Canada by major feminist organizations since 20 years, if not a hero Marc has become a hell of a public figure. Marc, "you've come a long way baby"!

St-Marc's Day has been introduced in 2005 by the extremist intellectual fringe that functions as the vanguard of the men's movement. It has been established that it should be a day when we remember the first counter-attack against the feminazi's war on men. By celebrating Marc Lepine and embracing him as a hero, it was believed that this would disturb the feminists and enrage them. The goal was to uncover their plot to spread universal shame and guilt in the men's camp and neutralize it. Saying that he's a saint and celebrating him on that date angered all feminazis and confused them. It's not that Marc Lepine was a good father or especially relevant to the men's movement with what he has done, it is rather that he had become an Icon of the incarnate male evil to feminists and a weapon in their hands against masculism. To fight this we have to celebrate him as a saint: it has become a gender duty, the expression of a new patriotism.

So, put up your decorations and send out invitations for the annual celebration of St. Marc's Day. Colored lights, candles, ammo belts hung by the gun racks, a picture of St. Marc above the fireplace: decoration of a man's home that make him feel there is hope. Feminists have created Marc Lepine. The young man would never have gone on a rampage if all kinds of provocations and injustice done to men in general over two decades haven't led him to it. Feminists and women in general are responsible. Until now, December 6th was acknowledged as an important event and emphasized mostly by feminists. That men and men's groups speak of it openly now, unafraid and unashamed, strikes the media as a novelty. The commemoration of this day twenty years in a row has made December 6th into a kind of holiday for true activists: a sort of men's rights Christmas. It is not anymore the day St-Nicholas officially arrives in Amsterdam every year (Holland's Christmas), it is a masculist Christmas now.


If anything, Marc Lepine is a martyr in the fight for freedom from oppression, a man who stood up against tyranny and died for the cause. We say a saint, because his falls in the same category of what Japanese call a "swordsaint" and what we, in the West, recognize as the "Boondock Saints' phenomenon". Some 20 years after the deed, the fact that men and women still care about this event means that it has become a milestone in Gender war history. In fact. it could be said that Marc inspired the Boondock saints and not the other way around.

Their brand of justice was directly taken from him. His shadow is everywhere: in the prayer they make, in their secret code, their showing no mercy, their cool hand and fluidity in the deed, the way they walk, hold that gun, their posture (some would say pose). Then any hero is a poseur also, but one who finally acts; and the greatness of the deed is not found only in the number of body bags but also in the style[1], the way it was done, and above all in the reasons. Even a sloppy presentation could be redeemed with good reasons; and by these standards, December 6th Montreal 1989 was the birthplace and date of quite a saint: a father of all saints! Thinking of it, there might actually be only one real Boondock saint, and his first name is Marc. Our friend Marc.
1 Mad Dog Coll, a legendary killer in the times of Lucky Luciano and the New York mob, once said to Frank Costello and Bugsy Seagal that it is not numbers that count, but style: to kill with style, or more precisely to ''kill in style''.

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