Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Report from Quebec: the local masculist movement in disarray

Four old members of a masculist group that was active in Quebec between 1990 and 1992, and got national coverage and attention in their days, the ''Collectif anti-féministe'', say now that all the progress that has been made in the cause of men and men's rights in the last 15 years in that province is not due to the effort of local groups and the local masculist movement, but largely to outside influence. According to them, whatever progress was made in Quebec since the days of Marc Lepine, Roch Coté and the ''Collectif'' is due to the efforts of American and European masculists and the huge influence of Fathers4Justice. Quebecers themselves were never able to build a strong masculist movement, ''they constantly needed outside help and still do'', says John Gisogod, the new leader of the reformed ''Collectif''.

Gisogod says that the present masculist movement in Quebec is in disarray: its main groups and its very few publications and internet sites are so weak, that they all need to be replaced. Replaced how? To this embarrassing question, Gisogod's answer is very blunt: ''we need to tear down both websites: L'Après-Rupture and Gars Content. We need to replace support groups and associations that are riddled with incompetence and infiltrated by manginas and feminist supporters. We need a complete change.'' Is the ''Collectif anti-féministe'' going to become active again? To this Gisogod answers unequivocally: ''we re-enter the fight, and we are certainly not here to cooperate and help them, we intend to take over and retake our rightful place as leaders of the men's movement in Quebec''.

Possible war between Quebec masculists
So there is rumor of a war and of an upcoming bitter infighting between masculists in Quebec: the ''collectif'' made out of the original four old timers plus the younger Gisogod and his bunch of Australian fighters and New-Zealanders that he brought back with him against l'Après-Rupture and about 20 small groups (not counting Gars Content and the small fry). The Quebec chapter of Fathers4Justice is expected to keep neutral as usual in this fight and not take sides. Some say that the old timers might lose, but consider that the other side is also made out of old people, that they have no security personnel and no storm troopers. Gisogod's Australians, on the other hand, are street fighters, not afraid of violence, and who used to shoot their M-16 in the Outback of Australia (it is well known that Australian masculists have several paramilitary training camps and even a military base). But will there be a fight? According to Gisogod, yes: ''we need a showdown''. He is believed to have said to Yves Pageau recently ''I dare you'', and to his assistant Gilbert Claes: ''I double dare you''. So, it is very well possible that a fight to the finish might take place between the two masculist ''armies'' to determine who is the ''masculinissime'' in Quebec.

Rick Flashman


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  2. Et c'est là que tout a commencé. Une première critique contre les masculinistes québécois le 1ier octobre 2009 et 2 mois plus tard, soit le 4 décembre 2009, John Gisogod et J.C.Rochefort se retrouvent tous deux en prison. Les masculinistes québécois n'aiment pas être critiqués, c'est bien connu: traîtrise certainement, collusion avec le pouvoir? ... peut-être !