Monday, October 26, 2009


It depends on who you hate more: Islam or the feminists. As for me, I know, I have always known I hate feminists more. In fact, this is such a formidable enemy that the reactions or proposed solutions cannot help but be extremist. If the American expression ''whatever it takes'' ever truly and duly applies to something, it is this Gender War. We have to win: whatever the costs. If it takes a nuclear holocaust, then let's push the button; if we need a victory of Islam, then let them win: WHATEVER IT TAKES to get victory.

Some will say: you are insane, this could mean the destruction of everything, the end of the world. ''Then let it end!'' will scream the angry father, I refuse to live in a world where we do not rule, where we serve and they rule. I refuse defeat and I refuse to serve. This point of view has merit, after all men have their pride and they will never accept to be second rate citizens. Better destroy society than be slaves, this could be the second Spartacus revolution, the one that shakes the empire. We will make the FEMINIST EMPIRE shake.

You have to understand this:
1- The way to win is not to attack women, and please put that gun away!
2- The way to defeat feminists is to hurt your government and your society, then your government is HER protector and HER accomplice.
3- The best way is to do this gently, softly, with non-violence (you know: Gandhi in India and the Chinese ''soft power''), so that nobody will notice at first.
4- Refuse to pay, refuse to cooperate, refuse to help, sabotage, vandalize: GENTLY so that no one will notice at first, do that for years, decades if need be. And when the government and society as a whole are on the brink of disaster and ready to fall, then it will be time to show your true colors: IT'S PAYBACK TIME baby, time for REVENGE. But you have to be patient for this, hypocritical, learn from your enemies (how they lied and were such hypocrits for years), do the same: you know the Ninja thing, the Sun-Tsu way: ''soft power''.
5- Sell your dog and buy a cat. And watch your cat moving and start to move like a cat. In a few years, you will walk like a cat, be still as strong as a dog, but when you bare your claws everyone will see the beautiful tiger you have become.

Let us quote again captain Quincy Taggart of the USS Protector in Galaxy Quest Mission: ''By Grabthar's hammer, by the sons of Worvan, YOU SHALL BE AVENGED''. I think you really should buy or rent this movie (Galaxy Quest), it is definitely an uplifter.

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