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There are many books on that subject, showing the outright lies perpetrated by establishment feminism -- many of which are still simply repeated and perpetuated by the press and politicians.There has never been an Undeclared War Against Women, but there is surely one against boys. Establishment "gender" feminists love to see men and society as literally attacking and assaulting women and girls, and much in the way of their bogus statistics is supposed to support this view. But it's all there is: bogus statistics. Millions of women beaten to death every year, ''show us the bodies'', but they can't produce them because it is a lie. More men than women are victims of homicide every year. and this is a fact.

Seeing that they can't alter the hard facts, feminists go for the untangibles: the low self-esteem and educational disadvantages of girls, which gave rise to a decade of feminist rhetoric and activism to promote the cause of girls in schools. The federal "Educational Equity Act" was a consequence of this, as the "Violence Against Women Act" was the result of the overheated rhetoric and overblown statistics about women's physical safety. The truth, however, is that boys, not girls, display now signs of educational and social disadvantage, and the cause of this turns out to be a combination of feminist reeducation programs and general "progressive" educational theory.

In schools, therapeutic practices have supplanted moral education. Those who pressed for discarding the old moral education did so in the name of freedom, for they sincerely believed that moral education "indoctrinated" the children and "imposed" teachers' values on them, something the schools had no right to do. In fact, "therapism" that took its place is far more invasive of the child's privacy and more insidious on the child's autonomy than the old morality that was once the norm.

The feminist educational project is openly one of indoctrination and imposition, in which the wishes of the subjects, whether boys or girls, are seen as irrelevant or even dangerous. Privacy is invaded because the radical feminist totalitarian project allows no privacy by its very nature. There is an incongruity between feminism and "progressive" education, a contradiction between the principle that children should be allowed to grow and develop naturally, determined by their own autonomous impulses, and the principle that nothing about human society or personality is natural at all and that "social conditioning" is responsible for all forms of behaviour. The valorization of autonomy is contradicted by the extreme directiveness of the feminist approach. These approaches, as they pursue their contradictory purposes, contribute to the problems that boys have to face today.

The purpose of "progressive" education to cultivate and honor personal autonomy seems to be in the best tradition of American society and even of Kantian philosophy. However, the purpose is largely undone by the fact that children are not ready for autonomy. The key assumption of "progressive" education is that children are naturally ready for autonomy. Since they are not, the social and political project of feminism is presented to them, and forced upon their throat. Subtle forms of social control and indoctrination, "Classroom Brainwashing" replace and repudiate parental authority and values, and the adoption of the values of a child's own peers allow the teachers to promote any sort of social agenda they wish.

The moral anarchy that results from the lack of traditional moral education opens the door to the feminist political agenda, which creates wild, destructive, amoral, anti-social, violent and murderous behaviour in many boys and young men. This provides arguments to promote the feminist totalitarian project as a solution. For the worse the behaviour, the more feminism can offer its own ready-made explanation: it is Patriarchy's fault. This social indoctrination and reeducation having allowed them to find their own villains, they could propose their reactionary society solution: give the power to feminists!

The techniques of feminist reeducation are truly a "War on Boys". The kinds of feminists whom everyone always assumed simply hated men have now turned on a more vulnerable target entrusted to them by their parents: boys. The catechism is simple: "Girls, good; boys, bad". Even the propensity of boys to run and jump, let alone engage in rough-and-tumble play, is now suppressed in many schools, to the point of it becoming a movement to abolish recess. If American children have become overweight, it is not only due to inactive or sedentary lifestyles and junk-food, it is a feminist creation: boys being denied free outdoor exercise.

Doctrinary feminists will not allow that boys behave differently from girls. Some establishments clearly state that boys should be raised and should be like girls. Any other kind of behaviour or interest is said to be the result of "patriarchy" and must be combated as ideological deviation that will lead directly to rape, mass murder, and capitalism. Ritalin is their tool, and it is constantly drummed in that boys are the class enemies, responsible for all the evils in the world (the feminist world). Like in totalitarian regimes, they talk of collective and inherited guilt (the guilt of the boys). That the enemies of feminism are "gender" enemies gives this doctrine more of a racial edge (such as pursued by Hitler).

The denigrated boys then hit adolescence, the hormonal rockets make that we find resentful, angry, and unsocialized youth bouncing around the landscape. This, is taken as evidence that more vigorous non-sexist reeducation must be instituted. However, it is these feminist educational ideas (in vogue for 35 years now) that have caused such a mess, with whole generations raised under their influence. We should denounce the nastiness of the whole project, then the educational and academic establishments are too ideologically committed to ever revise their ideas, even in the face of mere evidence and results.

Feminist educators who exult in the formlessness and malleability of children, then must face what to do when the brainwashing doesn't work and the little boys turn out to be not quite so malleable after all. Well, that's easy, what you do is call the police. All the permissiveness of "progressive" education is completely forgotten the minute a child can be credibly accused of a gender/sex crime. Children are exposed to very explicit sex education for many years, often with overt advice for "safe sex" techniques. They are taken to see adult art with nudes, even sado-masochistic themes. Yet the minute the slightest bit of sexual expression or play is manifest, the feminists reprimand and punish, and call the police. Now that is hypocrisy: on the one hand they incite, and then they punish. Typical of feminism. Totally illogical. Their famous "touchy-feely" approach of "progressive" education where children affectionately touch each other is seen as a success one minute, and then when someone effectively does it... then they call the police and say he is a criminal: a young boy is penalized for kissing a girl.

Case in point: feminism is illogical, IT IS SHIT really, and Marc Lepine might have been right for one second in pointing out that it might not be such a bad idea to ponder for sometime on the merits of- and the possibility of exterminating the whole gender. I'd say not the whole gender, but a few thousands feminist teachers, definitively Yes! The assault on boys by feminist bureaucrats of the ministry of education and the consequences of theirs denying them moral education, the feminist junk science that postulates that women's moral reasoning is different from that of men, women being supposed to be more concerned with compassion but holding the principle "girls, good; boys, bad", the educational promotion of a "non-judgmental" ethics where only feelings count but those feelings have better be politically correct, all this will have serious repercussions.

The pretended lack of self-esteem and of ambition in teen-age girls, whose spirit was broken by Patriarchy as they reached adolescence that was the excuse of it all is a fraud. This whole girl-advocacy movement has in fact broken boys in spirit. Boys generally acting like boys since infancy was suddenly seen as wrong and the schools and the establishment of feminism were now federally funded to break them. Modern education, supposedly based on the autonomy and natural growth of children, but which has adopted an ideology that denies that, uses a form of "socialization" that is an abusive and intrusive political indoctrination of children, resulting in a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy of the violence and social pathology of young men. The result is clearly that it is not only feminists' fault, it is all women's fault in general: schools produce violence in young men and single parent households produce criminality. The common factor is the absence of the father and the presence of a corrosive feminist ideology.

Therefore, as shocking as it may sound and considering all the above damning and incriminating evidence and the whole dossier, it seems that from the vintage point of a neutral cultural observer in this case: the harshest criticism of the entire education system is justified, that dropping school is perhaps the best option for boys, that a revolt against feminism is highly called for, that even school shooting is justified sometimes and acceptable up to a point, that a general planetary revolt against feminist induced- and controlled governments has become necessary, and more: that it is perhaps time for men to stop altogether trusting women, and advisable that they be excluded from important decision making from now on.

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