Thursday, November 26, 2009


He knows how to cook. Who? Marc Lépine of course. He started his career as an Executive Chef at the Bartlett Lodge in Algonquin Park, graduated from the Algonquin Sommelier Program in 2002, he was twice named 'Ottawa Chef of the Year' by the Canadian Culinary Federation (2006 and 2007), and now owns the famous Atelier Restaurant in Ottawa. Chef Marc Lepine is now famous! But this is another Marc Lépine, they are not the same man. Of course! But just how many Marc Lépine are there out there?

Well, there is Marc Lépine the mass murderer, the famous Chef Lépine, the Marc boogey man of the feminists and of the yearly December 6th celebration, Marc the symbol and the icon, Marc the social phenomenon and history figure, and even Marc the hero for deranged hothead activists. In fact, there are as many Marc Lépine as you wish ou there, even some whom it is their real family name, and who don't shy before the feminist orchestrated yearly hate and fear mongering campaigns. A few will even dare put their profile and biography on facebook and similar sites, just to provoke the feminist bigoted establishment. A few will even say they are proud to have such a name. So, the feminist purpose was defeated when the joke was introduced a few years back, one Lépine saying to the other: ''you show me how to shoot and I teach you how to cook''. There goes to say that feminists have really overdone it, and clearly defeated their own purpose after twenty years.

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