Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Surprisingly for some, one can now say that he did it out of love for his fellow man. Marc Lepine's rampage was then an ACT OF LOVE, mercy and compassion. Shocked, astonished, outraged? No, this contention IS NOT ridiculous. Remember 1989: for twenty years men had been losing their houses, their car, their money, their children, having all their possessions stolen from them and robbed by unjust court decisions backed by unjust laws. Marc Lepine saw all these men destroyed by their ex-spouse and an unjust feminist society, and he saw his own future threatened by feminists who were stealing men's jobs everywhere. When he opened fire, he was avenging all these men and himself: this was an act of caring, an ACT OF LOVE.

The famous journalist and expert on Marc Lepine, Francine Pelletier was astonished when a few hours after the massacre, scores of men on talk radio were openly approving of the killer's gesture and hailing him as a hero. What was going on in the head of such men calling these talk radio programs in 1989? A man having lost his house, his car and all his money in a divorce is surely entitled to a just measure anger, he is entitled to hate. Hearing on the radio then that someone had killed scores of feminists, this could not be anything else but good news for these men who had lost everything in 1989. So, thousands of them were approving of Marc Lepine of course. They had lost everything in the divorce, they were filled with rage and a desire for vengeance, and Marc came, and so to say avenged them in a spectacular gesture. Of course they loved him for that, he gave them back their dignity.

Feminists will have some day to put in their thick heads that men have a right to hate and a right to vengeance. This is THE SALARY OF INJUSTICE, and they should have thought about it before corrupting society as a whole. They should remember also that the beginnings of democracy was to avenge similar wrongs and INJUSTICE. What Marc did that fateful day was nothing else but an act of justice: he pulled that trigger to avenge thousands of fathers stripped of power, estranged husbands, and broken men. He did it for the poor too, for those who don't have a voice. For the rejected and the dejected. We have hinted many times unlikely similarities with other legends like Jesse James and Robin hood: givers of hope. The fact remains that the little man in the street needs something in his daily life to hold on, some beacon of hope, and Marc has become such a hope. Retrospectively, we can dare say that if he symbolically pulled that trigger for thousands of wronged men in his time, now millions perhaps are pulling it mentally with him. There is a connection here: a connection OF LOVE.

And what about women and feminists? Did he do something for them too? A new incarnation of Christ perhaps? But we all know that feminists are hopelessly secular and atheists, and don't believe in redemption. They never fell because they are perfect, so they don't need any God. Nonetheless, is it perhaps possible that Marc did something for them too? Of course. They will never admit it, but he was their liberator also. Liberate feminists! From what? From monstrosity. Some feminists having unhealthy thoughts of genocide, they needed to be yanked away from them through a salutary shock. Lepine provided such a shock. Valerie Solanas was the first to openly promote gendercide and reveal to many women the monster they could become. In 1968, in her S.C.U.M. Manifesto she advocated the total extermination of men. In 1982, Sally Miller Gearhart contended that we should let live only 10% of the male population and exterminate the rest.
Professor Mary Daly, another prominent feminist of the Boston College advocated the ovular merging to produce only female offsprings and create a 75 per cent female society in one generation. So feminist supremacists wanted to promote gendercide and exterminate men. What Marc Lepine did was to show them what a real gendercide looks like.

After Marc showed them, Sally Miller Gearhart was so horrified that she completely stopped activism in 1995. Marc Lepine showed these women harboring genocidal thoughts, and dreaming of the marginalization and eradication of men what such a crime could look like. Many decided that they had not the stomach for it. He showed them that if Hitler's final solution was characterized as bad, the feminist final solution was much worse. The Calls of Gloria Steinem, Andrea Dworkin, Valerie Solanas, Sally Miller Gerheart and Mary Daly for females to kill 90% of the male population, and their advocating routinely for gendercide were suddenly recognized for what they were: everyone was horrified. Thinking of it, Marc Lepine might have saved the planet. Remember that famous question: what would you do if you had the chance to kill Hitler before his rise to power? Marc Lepine simply picked up that gun and killed Hitler. Thinking of it, he might have given women and feminists their dignity back too.

So, what is the message here, what was Marc Lepine trying to say to women? He was telling these thousands of women and feminists who were secretly dreaming of killing men and approving gendercide: STOP BEING MONSTERS, and we will perhaps begin again to love you some day. Be good and men will immediately stop to hate you, even start to like you again in the future. This is the message of Marc: stop your plannings of genocide and gendercide, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MONTERS ANYMORE. If you stop acting like monsters, we will start to love you again. This is clearly a MESSAGE OF LOVE, a message of hope.


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  2. Je n'ai tout simplement rien reçu. Est-ce que c'est Yahoo mail qui fait des siennes? Essayez une autre adresse giskhan@ca.inter.net peut-être? Ou sinon donnez-moi un adresse internet qui fonctionne et je prendrai contact.

  3. Here is as a guideline as to how the journalist Francine Pelletier took contact with us in May this year, and there was really no problem. As a journalist of course, we can understand that your real ID and internet address have to be shielded, because of hackers lurking and and the public nature of this kind of blog we're on. However, the solution is simply to give a non-committal internet address that you seldom use and that will not compromise your daily e-mail operation.

    Worst case scenario, Mrs Kay, if everything else fails, ask my friend Pageau at pageau_ceg@sympatico.ca (don't worry, it is a public address that is of no consequence) to forward your message to me, Rick Flashman.

    Francine said...

    I am working on a feature-length documentary on the Montreal massacre. I am interested in exploring many of the issues you talk about in your blog: the war waged by different interest groups and, especially, the fact that Lépine really had feminism as a target, rather than the individual women we inevitably focus on.

    And, yes, I am the Francine Pelletier you quote.
    Can we talk?


    May 15, 2009 8:07 AM

    Gosh, it never was so complicated to talk to someone before, when we had real mail with real paper and envelopes. I guess what technology has done is to put layers and layers of distance and separation between people. What has happened to the dream of global communication we had in 1990? Global separation rather!

  4. Ça y est: je viens de vous réécrire aux deux adresses que vous me dites.

  5. How can you possibly say this?
    The cost of injustice is murder?
    Excuse me? So just because im not a visible minority, and have a chance of being passed by an Asian applicant, does this mean I have to kill all Asians to tell them to "stop being MONSTERS" and stop applying to law schools?
    What's wrong with you?

    PS. Your 5 groups are subjective and close minded.
    Add: People with Morals to this list please, and perhaps the rest of the world.

  6. You're insane. Do you have a hard on for him or something? Women aren't stealing jobs, they're earning them. Not all men deserve the jobs they get. At least half the time, women are more fit for it.