Monday, November 9, 2009


As shocking and surprising as it may sound, Marc Lépine is also present in the music world now:

"Montreal" - The Tragically Hip
"Montreal Massacre" - Macabre and
"This Memory" - by the Wyrd Sisters

These songs may pity the victims for now and focus solely on them, but how long before they really begin to commemorate the deed in another way: by celebrating the killer? From comforting the bereaved, there exists a direct road that leads into another-, dangerous direction: that is to honor the killer. When the criminal becomes a legend, there is a tendency to forget the crime: i.e. its seriousness and ugliness. It happened to Jesse James, and it will surely happen to Marc Lepine. ''The heralds call out your name, the children sing your praise''; you've done it Marc, YOU'RE FAMOUS now.

But Marc hasn't done it alone, he had serious help from Canadian feminists: they made sure his name would not be forgotten, they contributed to his legend, they even created it!

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