Thursday, November 19, 2009


Are you mad? Marc never had any children. That might be true, but what about his disciples? Disciples, where? Certainly not in his home country Canada, I grant you that, but elsewhere. How come, who is responsible for this? Canadian feminists naturally, especially those in Quebec. So, you mean to say that Canadian feminists made him a hero, and are responsible for the fact that he has now disciples around the world? Exactly. How so? Explain yourself!

Nobody would remember Lepine today if it was not for the yearly noisy ceremony that takes place on each December 6. The first mistake was to establish this holiday, the second was to allow these huge advertising white ribbon campaigns, the third was to erect the monument, and the fourth and last was to build him a symbolic statue in the media for propaganda purposes. They've done it now! Not only have these mistakes allowed Marc to gain immortality, they gave him an international status. So thanks to them and the exaggeration, he has now proud sons and disciples everywhere: Australia, New-Zealand, England, the US, you name it!

But how can you be sure that this was the big mistake of feminism? A simple test. Do you remember George Jo Hennard ? Who? This guy killed 15 women and 8 men in The Luby's Cafeteria massacre that took place in Killeen, Texas in the US, one year after Lepine and Polytechnique. How come that nobody remembers this guy? He killed 15 women and he had written a lot of misogynistic letters beforehand. The answer is simple: American feminists decided not to give this murderer unnecessary publicity, and refused to make him a hero. So now, 20 years later, nobody remembers him. Are American feminists smarter than Canadian then? It certainly looks like it.


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