Friday, December 4, 2009


The fantastic message of love of Marc Lepine

Why a red ribbon? Is it not the color of the AIDS campaign already? We would have liked to find an original color, but all colors are already taken. White, red, green, blue, yellow, brown, black, even intermediary colors like lime, cherry or fuschia: they have all been taken by some social cause or left-wing campaign, much to the point that certain colors are shared now by more than one institution or fundraiser. Facing such a difficult choice, Red vs White seemed the best solution.

The Red Ribbon campaign makes plain to all that Marc Lepine is in fact a kind of liberator and that December 6 could finally become something positive. Liberator, how so? He liberates women from the unhealthy thoughts of genocide and gendercide that were prevalent in the feminist discourse since the days of Valerie Solanas and Mary Daly, and helps them STOP their planned monstrosities. The message is here: stop hurting men and be good to them, and they will stop hating you. They could even start to like you again some day. This is the Red Ribbon message of Marc that we can oppose to the White Ribbon of shame, guilt and hatred.

Marc Lepine tells women and feminists YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MONTERS ANYMORE. He tells these thousands of women and feminists who have stolen their partner's house, their car, their money, he tells those who have stolen their ex-husband's children, their jobs and drove them to suicide: STOP TO BE MONSTERS, stop to secretly dream of killing men and planning gendercide, and we will perhaps begin again to love you some day. This is a powerful message, A MESSAGE OF LOVE, worthy of a new Christ.

The Red Ribbon campaign aims at ''unmonster'' women. It gives back their dignity to former feminazis, and allows those who performed atrocities without clearly realizing it, or misguided by their peers and under orders from the feminist war machine, to choose the path to REDEMPTION. To proudly wear this Red Ribbon is to show the world that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MONTERS ANYMORE, there is a way to salvation. Marc has given back women their dignity: he says ''be good and men will immediately stop to hate you, even start to like you again''. This is the powerful MESSAGE OF LOVE, and message of hope of Marc Lepine. Stop planning gendercide and stop acting like monsters, and we will start to love you again!


Why not? The killer saint tells them: ''let's save the planet from genocide. You don't have to read these books of vengeance anymore, like Mary Daly and Valerie Solanas, you don't have to plan massacres of male children in our hospitals anymore''. The iconic killer tells them: ''I'm ready to forgive you my children''. According to him, he would even be willing to forgive them the destruction of the environment which has been caused qui by feminine franctic consumerism for more than a century. Ladies, join this campaign of love of Marc: throw away this white ribbon of hate and replace it with the red color of love. Together, let us ''unmonster'' our society !

John Gisogod

PS. an extra kind word from Bob Allen to all of you out there

International Marc Lepine Day, December 6, is almost here again. By now all MEN should have their homes decorated. The lights should be up. The cards sent out, The carbines polished. A day of feasting, drinking, and celebrating.

Happy Saint Marc's Day to you all.


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Thursday, December 3, 2009


When did this idea of an International Marc Lepine Day ever come up, and when and how could someone in his right mind consider to put forward such a ridiculous notion and contention as a St. Marc's Day? St-Marc's Day has been introduced in 2005 by the extremist intellectual fringe that functions as the vanguard of the men's movement. In fact, two groups had the same idea at the same time: Bob Allen and his group and John Gisogod and his Yahoo friends at Frustrated_men. The International Marc Lepine Day or St-Marc Day on December 6 is not accepted and celebrated by the majority of the men's movement. It has been established that it should be a day when we remember the first counter-attack against the feminazi's war on men. By celebrating Marc Lepine and embracing him as a hero, it was believed that this would disturb the feminists' plans and enrage them. The goal was to uncover their plot to spread universal shame and guilt in the men's camp and neutralize it. Saying that he's a saint and celebrating him on that date was a bold move. It is a daring move that angers all feminazis and confuses them.

Making Marc Lepine a hero is only a tactical move in the big chess game true activists are playing against the feminists. And if it can help win some victories over them the better. When activists started to launch this campaign about celebrating St-Marc, the feminists they were in contact with and those monitoring friendly groups were appalled. This daring move, they hoped, may help free their children. They believed they should confront the enemy, make them appalled and make them run. It is generally viewed as a very daring move, but a necessary one! It's not that Marc Lepine was a good father or especially relevant to the men's movement with what he has done, it is rather that he had become an Icon of the incarnate male evil to feminists and a weapon in their hands against masculism. Celebrating him on that date, even saying he's a saint is much more than a bold move: it has become a form of gender duty and patriotism, then such daring clearly angers and confuses the enemy.

So, start to put up your decorations and send out invitations for the annual celebration of St. Marc's Day. Colored lights, candles, ammo belts hung by the gun racks, a picture of St. Marc above the fireplace: decoration of a man's home that make him feel there is hope. If you really want to hurt the feminists, commemorate the death of St-Marc on December 6th. That is as simple as that. Men in Eastern Canada were the worst off on planet Earth twenty years ago, Quebec in particular (which was already a matriarchy before the advent of feminism). It is the place where it all began on December 6th 1989. A young boy, dare we say a prophet, fed up with the fact that women were taking all the power, swarming all political and administrative institutions, the education system and the work place, after having manipulated men there for over three centuries, that young boy then decided to fight back. He went to a feminist stronghold called ''Polytechnique'', the faculty of engineering and architecture of the University of Montreal and killed 15 feminists single-handedly.

The media called him a mass-murderer, but what makes him so special is that he only killed women and did his utmost to spare the men; he warned the young men who wanted to intervene to clear off: ''I have nothing against you guys, get out!'' and by the way he handled this assault rifle, they obeyed. It is by deliberately sparing the men and having his anti-feminist manifesto later published that Marc Lepine took his place in history. Feminists took advantage of the killing to demonize men some more and have more anti-men laws voted in the Canadian parliament, so it did set back the masculist movement another five years, but by then male activists had decided not to play in the hands of feminists anymore: instead of being ashamed of Marc Lepine, they decided to make him a hero. That infuriated feminists, then male activists now contended that the feminists themselves had created Marc Lepine, that the young man would never had gone on a rampage if all kinds of provocations and injustice done to men in general over two decades haven't led him to it. Feminists and women in general were responsible, that's what the new men's movement in Quebec was saying.


How many folk-heroes were first branded criminals, later to be recognized as genuine heroes?Although perhaps a criminal, could not Lepine fit also the description and achieve hero status some day? For now, it is important to celebrate St-Marc and December 6th as a date because, if you really want feminists to lose control, this is the surest way. To make him a martyr and a saint on next December 6th is not only to be truthful and accurate, it is a necessary step on the road to victory in this gender war. So, make it publicly known; it is everyone's responsability to highlight the event somehow! The fact that many acknowledge the importance of this day already tells a lot to the media.


Marc Lepine will long be remembered as an oppressed and abused man who fought back against feminist's hate that had pushed him aside. This day is celebrated as the day when one successfully fought back and finally stood up to feminism. Although many Canadian feminists continue to use this date as an hate-men festival, a remembrance day to enshrine their bigotry and hatred, others now say that it clearly shows what Marc Lepine fought against. If it shows one thing, it is that misandry is still very powerful in Canada. If anything, this young man is a martyr in the fight for freedom from oppression, who stood up against tyranny and died for the cause. We say a saint, because his falls in the same category of what Japanese call a "swordsaint" and what we, in the West, recognize as the "Boondock Saints' phenomenon". May his sacrifice be long remembered by those who stand up for freedom and oppose hatred. Some 20 years after the deed, the fact that men and women still care about this event means that it has become a milestone in Gender war history.

Until now, December 6th was acknowledged as an important event and emphasized mostly by feminists. That men and men's groups speak of it openly now, unafraid and unashamed, strikes us as a novelty. When one thinks of it, December 6th is our holiday and every men's rights activist true Christmas. It is not only the day St-Nicholas officially arrives in Amsterdam every year, it is not only Holland's Christmas, it is our Christmas now! Today is a day for activists everywhere to hoist a glass and remember a courageous man. Here is to Mr. Marc Lépine. Let's celebrate this, our second Christmas in peace brothers. Merry Christmas!

John Gisogod

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Clearly Marc Lepine is a symptom of something else, of a malaise: a Quebec sickness that one does not immediately recognize then it is like the hidden part of an Iceberg that lies under water. There is first the fall in the birthrate that threatens to make French Québec disappear in a few generations, the Independance movement that has already lost two referendums and holds no real hope of seeing an independant Quebec in this century, the Quebec male who felt like a colonized ''untermensch'', the French Canadian matriarchy that saw the rapid victory of feminism, the absence of a true nationalism (Québec is simply a place where people live: nobody salutes the flag here, no one is ready to sacrifice himself or to die to defend the homeland. On this historical background Marc Lépine becomes a revealer of many things hidden. He is only a symptom of a deadly Quebec sickness.


Le Mal Québecois consiste en plusiers choses. D'abord la dénatalité qui fera disparaître le Québec, et dont on parlait beaucoup dans les années1980-1990 (les cris d'alarme de Jacques Henripin et Lise Payette en 1988), mais personne ne veut rien faire et on se cache le problème. Ensuite, un nationalisme tellement peu violent que toute la campagne terroriste du FLQ n'a fait que deux morts en deux générations. C'est un nationalisme tellement faible qu'il n'a jamais mis au pas le féminisme, ni mis la natalité à l'ordre du jour des priorités et des urgences nationales.

La laïcisation massive en peu de temps avait déjà fait perdre au peuple Québécois beaucoup de ses repères culturels; ici, la révolte contre la religion a créé une première mondiale: c'est le seul peuple qui, dans les annales mondiales, peut se vanter d'avoir réussi à s'auto-déraciner presque complètement. Alors, bien sûr, l'indépendance ne vient pas et ne viendra jamais (après deux référendums où ça a échoué), et ce dont le féminisme est directement responsable (la dénatalité et surtout le fait que personne ne voudrait voter en faveur de l'instauration d'une république socialiste-féministe génératrice de pauvreté).

D'ailleurs, l'homme québécois qui était déjà un colonisé triplement soumis: à l'occupation anglo-saxonne, à la religion et à sa femme, a vu ses derniers droits s'envoler avec la dictature social-démocrate féministe. Le Québec, qui était déjà un matriarcat, a donc vu la rapide victoire du féminisme avant 1989. Ensuite il y a eu le ressac Marc Lépine et on a cessé de rire. Mais le fait majeur, c'est l'absence de vrai nationalisme qui explique pourquoi personne ici ne s'est opposé au féminisme à ses débuts. Le Québec est simplement un endroit où l'on vit, et personne ici n'est prêt à mourir pour la patrie ou à se sacrifier: c'est ''le confort et l'indifférence''.

C'est sur ce fond historique que Marc Lépine devient un révélateur de beaucoup de choses. Le Québec est l'endroit où le féminisme s'est rendu le plus loin, avec à peu près aucune opposition avant 1989. Après, les groupes antiféministes se sont structurés, mais ils sont loin d'avoir aujourd'hui la force organisationnelle de leurs cousins Anglais ou Américains. En fait, les masculinistes québécois ont un impact et une efficacité surtout par leur résistance passive au changement. Les femmes d'ici sentent bien que les hommes ne les aiment pas. Pourquoi le féminisme québécois est-il donc en perte de vitesse alors? Le masculinisme n'est pas bien organisé ni très fort ici, alors quoi?


Tout d'abord, sans se concerter, les hommes d'ici ont fait leur la résistance passive de Gandhi, et appliquent une grande force d'inertie par leur cynisme et leur désengagement. Ils refusent d'aider, de bouger; pire, ils refusent d'écouter et toute possibilité de collaboration et de dialogue. Les féministes elles, ont pris de l'âge et elles souffrent de solitude. Ce qui les désarçonne, c'est que même lorsqu'elles voient les hommes souffrir de la même solitude qu'elles et tentent un rapprochement, ceux-ci s'éloignent maintenant, ne semblent pas intéressés, ne font pas confiance, etc... Après des années, et même des décennies de militantisme, ce qui leur fait mal est de voir le fossé qui s'est créé et que l'autre côté n'est pas prêt du tout à pardonner. Mentionnons en terminant qu'il est très difficile de s'opposer avec succès au féminisme québécois, car sa mainmise est telle que quand on parle un peu fort on peut se voir accusé de crime d'opinion. D'ailleurs plusieurs des principaux média, comme Radio-Canada, constituent d'ailleurs un véritable matriarcat de l'information.

En résumé, le Mal Québécois, c'est une société en perte de vitesse tout simplement. Avec la dénatalité, le Québec, c'est foutu. En fait, ''Le Déclin de l'Empire Américain'', c'est celui du Québec. L'historien Britannique Arnold J.Toynbee croyait en la survivance du fait français en Amérique, il prédisait que les ''French Canadians'' survivraient à tous les changements et cataclysmes de la planète, à cause de leur haut taux de natalité et leur ardente foi chrétienne. Comme il s'est trompé. Mais il ne pouvait connaître l'avenir: la Révolution Tranquille, la dénatalité (ou disparition tranquille) et Marc Lépine (un peu moins tranquille celui-là, je vous l'accorde). Une bonne chose avec la dénatalité cependant, on va aussi voir disparaître tranquillement le féminisme le plus virulent de la planète; une bonne nouvelle pour certains.


Le vrai masculiniste aujourd'hui est en faveur de l'avortement (moins d'enfants veut dire moins de futures féministes pour ces gars: un enfant de moins, c'est une féministe de moins, et c'est toujours ça de pris, ou encore c'est un homme de moins qui ne se fera pas exploiter plus tard). Si le féminisme a détruit beaucoup de familles, les gars, eux, n'ont aucunement l'intention de réparer les dégâts. ''Les féministes veulent détruire la famille, on va les aider... à la détruire complètement'': voilà ce que pensent ces gars. D'ailleurs le Québec n'est pas un peuple ou une nation, c'est devenu un groupe de familles monoparentales. Saviez-vous que le 6 décembre, Marc Lépine Inc, a maintenant un chiffre d'affaire de 3 milliards de dollars? C'est rendu que le Polytechnique des Pleureuses inc. fait des profits supérieurs à ce que faisait General Motors dans les années 1970s. En fait, Pleureuses Inc. serait dans le TOP TEN du monde des affaires québécois.

Le seul espoir pour l'Occident serait une victoire de l'Islam. Nos sociétés trop permissives ont donné le pouvoir au féminisme par des lois injustes, mais attention les hommes contre-attaquent. C'est en sabotant leur propre société et en favorisant une victoire de l'Islam que les hommes vont gagner. Ceux qui combattent en Irak et en Afghanistan ne font que retarder l'inévitable, ils ne font que défendre le féminisme institutionnalisé d'ici et ses privilèges. Laissons les Islamistes gagner, c'est en détruisant notre propre société que nous la sauverons, tout comme ce général Américain au Vietnam qui disait: ''il a fallu détruire la ville pour la sauver''. C'est d'une logique limpide (pour un vrai masculiniste évidemment), et c'est du Milton tout craché.


John Gisogod

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Why is it that 20 years after the deed, people have not forgotten about Marc Lepine and why is he more popular than ever? Could it be because Canadian feminists have made the mistake to enshrine this event into a memorial day, that never allowed Lepine to fade away and be forgotten? The December 6th ceremony has kept him alive. How is it that Lepine is now even more popular in Australia and New Zealand? His very name is well known to people today who were not even born 20 years ago, how is this possible? And above all, how is it that he is now an iconic figure for young boys of 14 years old playing violent video games?

In truth, Lepine might only be a symptom, but the malaise runs very deep and he might just be the tip of the Iceberg. Marc Lepine could only be a symptom for something more profound and feminists seem to have no idea about what is really happening. They still talk about sex and date-rape, while most men are much less interested in sex today. In 1960, they wanted to have sex with them, in the 1980s they were so mad at them that they wanted to kill them, and now they are just indifferent: not interested anymore. Naturally, we are talking of the phantasy world of men, but no matter: the keyword is now NOT INTERESTED. And those feminists don't have a clue. Men are not interested in marriage or relationship anymore, dating is not even a priority. These embittered feminists (most of them over 50) fail to realise that the average man does not desire women anymore. This may come as a shock to most, but give the average man the choice between having sex with a beautiful woman or watching the hottest football game of the season, and most men will now choose the game over the blond girl. But feminists will certainly never acknowledge this fact. Most women may prefer chocolate to sex, but for some men it's football. It is just as well that watching a game on TV is not a crime, then feminists would pick up the phone and call the police right away.

A joke that feminists never knew about stated that one man, witnessing a domestic dispute pondered on his attitude. ''Twenty years ago I would have hit the guy, ten years ago I would have done nothing and just watch, and now, wait for me: between the two of us, she will take quite a beating!''. This non kosher joke just illustrates how things have changed. Do women sometimes know how most men hate them (not enough to become violent but still)? In most cases it is a profound dislike. Do they know how they sometimes are simply not interested? They do not feign indifference, they are simply not interested, and this lack of interest is most of the time rooted in deep betrayal that happened years ago.

Marc Lepine was just a symptom, then modern men choose now not to hurt women anymore. They prefer to hurt society as a whole and to hurt the governmment. They know that in doing so they can hurt women indirectly. A man cheating on his income tax can do more damage than using a gun. A million men refusing to pay alimony at the same time can overwhelm the system and hurt women much more than open rebellion. In fact, men can hurt much more society in stalling, refusing to pay, with passive resistance and inertia. What we'll see in the future is much more men sabotage their own society. For instance, many men are for abortion now: less children means a reduction of the number of future feminists. Have those feminists any idea how far some men are willing to go to win the Gender War? Some are saying that if a victory of Islam is the only way to stop the feminists, then they'll go for it! The secret wish of modern men is not to exploit women and reduce them to slavery, it is simply to make them disappear. Either deport them to Venus, or build a new nation without women. The fact is that the average woman has no idea what modern men secretly wish in their dreams. What if women are not even part anymore of such dreams? Men and women have become two solitudes on the same planet: the evidence and clues showing in that direction become more overwhelming every day.


And those who secretly approved of the killer but didn't say it because they were afraid of the power of feminism in the media? Remember that in the 1980s, they were so powerful that no one dared disapprove of them openly. It has changed since but not much, so we ask how many secretly approved of the killer's motive at the time, but not of the deed of course. There were wild rumors of commissionned officers and even the entire staff of non-commissioned ones of the first Canadian Airborne regiment celebrating Marc Lepine with much beer and alcohol one evening. It was implied that divorced male members of the metropolitan police force may secretly side with the killer's manifesto on some issues. And there were scores of men on talk radio who were openly approving of the killer's gesture and hailing him as a hero just a few hours after the massacre, much to the dismay of famous journalist and expert on Marc Lepine, Francine Pelletier. What was going on in the heads of such men calling these talk radio programs in 1989? It was simply men having lost their house, their car and all their money in a divorce, and that were simply fed up with feminism. Hearing on the radio that someone had killed scores of feminists was good news to such men. So, many were approving of Marc's deed of course. They had lost everything and were filled with rage and a desire for vengeance, and Marc came, and so to say avenged them in a spectacular gesture. Of course they loved him for that, he had given them back their dignity.

Lepine’s rage was directed at feminists – not at females in general, but International Feminism, as a “conspiratorial” international network similar to so many others, went to great lengths to make Lepine’s rage at feminists look like a misogynistic Crusade. They changed a feminist hater into a misogynist in making crucial omissions and tampering with the facts. Some say now that Marc Lepine probably did not hate women, but surely hated feminists, and that his gesture was channeled very cunningly into a Ted Bundy-like hatred of all females by the opinion makers. So, the real debate about feminism was highjacked in Quebec and never got started. But what if many disgruntled men mentally PULLED THAT TRIGGER with him that day? This is the part of this Quebec sickness no one wants to hear about.


Of course Marc Lepine is an embarassment for the men's movement and it has first reacted defensively to the actions of the mass-murderer. This is a consequence of the Feminist propaganda which called Lepine a misogynist and woman-hater. But what if he was an extremist Men's Rights activist instead, who was protesting against media censorship? In his suicide note, he rants against Feminists -- not against all women. He states that he is protesting against some issues only, namely Feminists retaining the advantages of being women while trying to grab those of men as well, and especially always trying to misrepresent men every time they can. Typical of this attitude, Quebec feminist Micheline Carrier arouses feelings of shock at the simple thought that anyone would even consider rehabilitating Marc Lepine. She shows therefore signs of practising the same oppression that led young Lepine to his desperate act: censorship. Quebec feminists have always had a huge desire to control information -- which they can now do, because Canadian media are so full of them. Obviously for them, the rights, wishes and demands of men and fathers should remain buried under their day-to-day censorship, and this is precisely what induced Marc to pick up that gun! It is part of the Quebec sickness for which there is apparently only one cure: that the media free themselves at all levels and speak of ''true equality'' for a change.


Lepine's story has been used by special interest groups to achieve their own ends: the anti-gun lobby and the women's rights advocates. It served as a massive spur for the Canadian feminist movement and their action against violence against women. ''December 6'' is now a 3 billion dollars business. ''Polytechnique'' or ''Quebec GRIEF INC.'', as it has become better known, has now a gross business much bigger than what General Motors used to earn in the 1970s. In fact, GRIEF INC is now among Quebec's TOP TEN in the business sector. Extremist feminist Micheline Carrier again remembers us that a few months earlier another young man, Jean-Guy Tremblay, had shocked Quebec's public opinion in challenging the right of his ex-wife to perform an abortion without his consent. The Supreme Court of Canada had to rule during the summer holidays. What a shame. Imagine, he dared dispute her right as a woman to terminate her pregnancy. Unthinkable. But this was only the prelude to something else, then a few months later the unmasked avenger would strike; behold: the Predator Terminator Lepine.

John Gisogod