Friday, December 4, 2009


The fantastic message of love of Marc Lepine

Why a red ribbon? Is it not the color of the AIDS campaign already? We would have liked to find an original color, but all colors are already taken. White, red, green, blue, yellow, brown, black, even intermediary colors like lime, cherry or fuschia: they have all been taken by some social cause or left-wing campaign, much to the point that certain colors are shared now by more than one institution or fundraiser. Facing such a difficult choice, Red vs White seemed the best solution.

The Red Ribbon campaign makes plain to all that Marc Lepine is in fact a kind of liberator and that December 6 could finally become something positive. Liberator, how so? He liberates women from the unhealthy thoughts of genocide and gendercide that were prevalent in the feminist discourse since the days of Valerie Solanas and Mary Daly, and helps them STOP their planned monstrosities. The message is here: stop hurting men and be good to them, and they will stop hating you. They could even start to like you again some day. This is the Red Ribbon message of Marc that we can oppose to the White Ribbon of shame, guilt and hatred.

Marc Lepine tells women and feminists YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MONTERS ANYMORE. He tells these thousands of women and feminists who have stolen their partner's house, their car, their money, he tells those who have stolen their ex-husband's children, their jobs and drove them to suicide: STOP TO BE MONSTERS, stop to secretly dream of killing men and planning gendercide, and we will perhaps begin again to love you some day. This is a powerful message, A MESSAGE OF LOVE, worthy of a new Christ.

The Red Ribbon campaign aims at ''unmonster'' women. It gives back their dignity to former feminazis, and allows those who performed atrocities without clearly realizing it, or misguided by their peers and under orders from the feminist war machine, to choose the path to REDEMPTION. To proudly wear this Red Ribbon is to show the world that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE MONTERS ANYMORE, there is a way to salvation. Marc has given back women their dignity: he says ''be good and men will immediately stop to hate you, even start to like you again''. This is the powerful MESSAGE OF LOVE, and message of hope of Marc Lepine. Stop planning gendercide and stop acting like monsters, and we will start to love you again!


Why not? The killer saint tells them: ''let's save the planet from genocide. You don't have to read these books of vengeance anymore, like Mary Daly and Valerie Solanas, you don't have to plan massacres of male children in our hospitals anymore''. The iconic killer tells them: ''I'm ready to forgive you my children''. According to him, he would even be willing to forgive them the destruction of the environment which has been caused qui by feminine franctic consumerism for more than a century. Ladies, join this campaign of love of Marc: throw away this white ribbon of hate and replace it with the red color of love. Together, let us ''unmonster'' our society !

John Gisogod

PS. an extra kind word from Bob Allen to all of you out there

International Marc Lepine Day, December 6, is almost here again. By now all MEN should have their homes decorated. The lights should be up. The cards sent out, The carbines polished. A day of feasting, drinking, and celebrating.

Happy Saint Marc's Day to you all.


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  1. To the man who writes this blog,

    I wrote a rebuttal to a few paragraphs and comments from a Polytechnique 20 years later article. I think it would be appropriate on your blog. I'd like to send it to you, so you can post it. Let me know what you think.

    Someone who knows the real deal about Marc Lepine

    PS: On December 6th at 5:10 PM I held a moment a silence and held a salute for a solid minute.

  2. OH... On la trouve moins drôle hein, une fois pris dans le système judiciaire?

    Tu l'as dans l'cul!

  3. Ah oui, aussi, j'oubliais:

    à te voir la face, t'as pas dû avoir de blow job souvent dans ta vie!

    Coudonc, es-tu frustré sexuellement parce que les femmes ont des vagins puissants et toi, tu es incapable de baiser?

  4. The author of this blog has been charged with a thought crime by the Criminal INJustice of his country. Freedom of speech is dead in Canada. If the feminazis, with their thousands of anti-male blogs advocating the gendercide of men, don't like what you say about their hate movement, they will silence you using the state thugs at their disposal.

  5. I stumbled upon this page because I read about Marc Lepine in my psychology textbook and decided to google his name. This is what I found.

    You people disgust me and should all be shot for supporting the murder of innocents--I don't care if you're antifeminist or not.

    You are all just as psychopathic as he was. Absolutely insane. What is that was your daughter, mother, or sister?

    1. How were these women innocent? They held basic feminist beliefs because they went to a male dominated school. All feminism must be weeded out completely.

      "What is that was your daughter, mother, or sister?"

      I'd be distressed but this has nothing to do with the fact that women have should no business but cooking, cleaning and certain jobs like education and nurturing and that the alternative is a destruction of society. These facts are irrelevant to how somebody would feel personally if their female family member got killed.

  6. Regardless of how you feel about feminism, a murderer of innocents is not a hero. If this is a joke, this isn't funny. If this is serious, then all I can say is that you are sick, twisted and in need of psychological intervention.

    1. How were these women innocent? They held basic feminist beliefs because they went to a male dominated school. All feminism must be weeded out completely.

  7. The authors of this blog (Rick Flashman, John Gisogod,etc.) do not have access to it anymore because their accounts have been either closed down or the passwords and security clearance changed, thanks to the involvement of the Montreal police (Quebec) or otherwise. Since December 6, 2009, the date is highly symbolic, we cannot write on this blog or add things to it.

    This blog is like a monument and its authors paid the price in blood. Since December 4th 2009, the police and the Ministry of Justice of the province of Quebec (Canada) have tried to close down this blog, but to no avail. Google has refused to close it on the grounds that there was no apparent infringement on its rules and regulations. The police of Montreal added more pressure but Google refused to budge in the name of the freedom of expression; we thank them for that.

    We said that its authors paid the price: J.C.Rochefort was sent to prison and incarcerated for a whole year without a trial in a Quebec "Gulag". The charges were finally dropped after 12 months of preventive detention.
    John Gisogod also served 2 month of prison time in the banana republic of Quebec, a place unfit to be a Canadian province, a "soft dictatorship" as they call it, where there is no real freedom of expression. The authors of this blog were sent to prison because they were "guilty of opinion", a thing that should never happen in a democracy (but Quebec, as you know, is not really a democracy).

    But who sent them to prison? Who complained to the police and made false accusations? Quebec feminists? No, absolutely not. The most surprising thing about it, is that is was Quebec "masculinistes" themselves who betrayed their own, their "brothers in arms" to the police. But never fear, the punishment will come, and l'Après-Rupture and the Quebec section of Fathers4Justice will lose all influence and their reputation will be tarnished.

  8. This blog is what tarnishes men's reputation!
    this author's rhetoric sounded just like that murderers'.

    Really, holding a cold blooded insane killer as a hero. you really must be sick!
    There is absolutely no excuse to kill another human being! be it male, female, hermaphrodite!

    These people who celebrate murderers are the real -nazis!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. "There is absolutely no excuse to kill another human being!"

      Yes, there is, and that is self-defense or war. Men are being attacked against by the feminists (all men, even manginas) and intelligent, sane men have known for decades that they are at WAR with feminists. So Marc's killings were completely justified.

  9. I just found this blog and all I can say is "WOW" what a disgusting collection of filth! Folk hero? Man's liberation and freedom fighter? Are you kidding, is this some kind of sick joke?

    By all accounts Marc Lepine was a lazy slacker who could not hold a job or relationship. Supposing Marc Lepine had been born one-hundred years earlier when engineering jobs were not available to women he still would not have made it in school or in life! And being the sullen loser that he was, he would have just found another scape-goat for his own failures, ie: Jews, minorities, free masons, etc..

    Oh and by the way, I do not agree with feminism at all, I am a gun owner and hunter too, so you can't exactly try and dismiss me as some bleeding heart liberal. This site is simply disgusting.

  10. RIP Marc Lepine, 1st domestic terrorist.

  11. "By all accounts Marc Lepine was a lazy slacker who could not hold a job or relationship. Supposing Marc Lepine had been born one-hundred years earlier when engineering jobs were not available to women he still would not have made it in school or in life! "

    I am afraid you misunderstand some things. Was he really unable to hold a relationship because he was lazy? I'd wager he was unable to find a relationship due to feminism in Canada and his lack of relationships with women made him distressed and unmotivated and thus made him perform badly academically.
    THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED 100 YEARS EARLIER, when feminism still didn't destroy Canadian women so you are completely wrong on that matter.